Sunday, December 09, 2007

How Come?

after the best day of hanging out in our pajamas, watching movies, playing playdoh, coloring, cleaning and just hanging out, that bed time has to end so badly? We had such a good day but bedtime once again ended in many tears and nashing of teeth. I don't get it; I love to sleep. Why can't I pass my love of going to bed on to G?

We read three books and then on the last one our great day spiraled downward to the very worst of bedtimes. After an hour and a half of going to bed, she was finally asleep. And I had dern near missed my window of being able to sleep too.

Okay, so yesterday I received another free 12 cards offer from Shutterfly. Yea!! I know they are coming very late in the season and probably people will get them after Christmas, but at least I would have sent them out. I think in the end I am sending 61 cards out from Shutterfly and another 10 out that are hand written letters with the school photo enclosed. Oh and I still limited the list. There are some families that won't get one from us this year. That is fine though.

We have our agency Christmas party for the local families tonight. I am supposed to bring something so I may stop by a Chinese restaurant and pick up some fried rice or something. I am not a cook at all for things like this. I think my mom is going to go with us. Santa will be there just like last year. G has asked that we sit at the table and not go see Santa, just like last year. Her memory is amazing, last year we sat in the corner of the dining room b/c Santa was in the den. I am thinking this may be the last chance for a photo although I would love to take her back to the one we have been to the last two years. He at least looks real.

Off to Church now. By the way, it is hot today. When is the winter coming?


Kerri said...

I think Glenys and Ruby have been hanging out and discussing strategy. We have the same problems here.
Kerri and Ruby

mommy24treasures said...

well, that is one area we have no problems. Caitlyn will say she doesn't want to go to bed, but once there she usually sleeps. SHe might call a few times but I am pretty blessed I guess.

I am glad you had a nice day even if the night wasn't the best. Have fun tonite!

Eliza2006 said...

I layed down by Eliza last night while she was falling asleep and took a 4 hour nap by accident!
I'm not sure we'll get a pic with Santa this year either. I haven't tried, but I can't see her wanting to sit on the lap of a strange man in a red suit. Maybe I'll be surprised?


laurel said...

I think she doesn't like sleep, because you two have such a great time together. With fun like that, I wouldn't sleep either.

Salome's Mom said...

Yeah, that girl is having way too much fun with Mommy. Heck I would not want to go to bed either. Poor Sally gets no pardon. Off to bed at 6 PM no matter how much pleading and screaming she does. She pays me back though, she is up by 5:30 AM. Did I mention I'm an night owl?

Gen said...

I love shutterfly and I had to do the same thing and limit my cards this year.

NAPS - you guys get NAPS??? I guess I get the trade off since she doesn't go screaming and crying.

Oh and THANK YOU so much for pointing out the misspelling on my blog header - that drove me crazy that I didn't catch that!!!

Sharon said...

Britton wouldn't go near Santa or Chuck E Chesse or any Disney Characters at Disney Land. OR any rides for that matter!! Glenys is so clever! I love reading her words.
PS Iremrember sitting on the floor outside of her bedroom unitl she fell asleep. What a lot of work!!

Christy said...

The sleep thing is the most difficult thing in the world to me. If I dont sleep I am a very unhappy mom!!! I hate being an unhappy mom so I need my sleep. Why cant we teach our kids to love sleep like we do. Whatever the case Glennys just wants to be with momma-- take it as a compliment-right???

Christy :)

The Byrd Family said...

I know exactly what you mean! I sleep with Lottie and Emma just so I CAN get some sleep. I am asleep before they are....don't really care what they do as long as they stay in the bed!