Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not Out of the Running Yet

So apparently I was called back to a second interview by the company 45 mins away from me. Not sure where I posted about it, and too tired/lazy to find it. Anyhoo, I didn't think the interview went well. G even had to spend the night with my parents in order for me to make the 9am appt.

So today I get a reply e-mail from one I had sent that day that asked if I was interested in the job still. I literally thought someone else had been given the job and they just didn't bother calling. That is how badly I thought the initial interview went. Plus, I think they thought I was someone else, someone known by one of the owners. Okay, so I reply back and say that I am still very interested.

Then I get an e-mail asking for a number to contact me, never mind that it is on the resume and the application. I reply back apologizing for not giving it sooner and give her both the cell and work. So she calls with pleasantries and asks why I wasn't able to come for the second interview. I had no idea I had an interview. I was thoroughly confused. I told her that I was sure they weren't interested because I had listed all of the cold/cough meds and antibiotics I was on in case I was given a drug screen, which included a codeine based cough med to sleep.

So she said, "Yes, we thought that was funny that you listed all of that but I guess we are glad you did." HUH? It was on the application. Doesn't everybody list everything that could screw up a drug screen? They should!! So tomorrow morning at 9 am I am going for the second interview. No need putting off until next week. I am eager to hear what they have to say. The first go round they asked my price range. Surely they aren't asking me back with a lower bid. The drive alone will kill me plus the hours are 8 to 5. Currently my hours are 9 to 5. Oh and never mind that the gas is going to suck the pay check down.

Okay, so wish me luck. G is spending the next two nights with Grammie and Grandad and my niece and nephew. They are heading off to MO to see my CA nephew and his parents who flew into the SIL's family for Christmas. I would love to go but alas, I have things to do. Plus, G now will miss the Sat. morning get together with a Nashville adoptive parent who is coming in for a visit.

If she gets up in the morning though and is missing me they will take her to school and I will pick her up. I doubt she will miss me that much. But I will say that Saturday night we will have a difficult time re-connecting after this week. She had a melt down last night over not wanting to go to school, so Grandad picked her up early after nap. I guess it all worked out fine though considering.


Chinazhoumom said...

Good Luck - hey maybe they will bump up the salary - as a gas allowance?
c & k

Wendy said...

Good Luck!

mommy24treasures said...

oh great! Hope this one goes well!!!!!!

Monica said...

Good Luck! I hope everything works out the way you want!


Livin' out loud said...

Wishing more than luck-SUCCESS! Can you taste it??

Tasha said...

Good luck!!!

Lauri said...

Good Luck.... I use to commute an hour each way.... it kinda sucked but I loved my job so it did not really matter to me in the long run.

crazylady said...

congratulations on climbing the slippery slope of corporate ladders.
Watch the rungs.

Super Mommy said...

Good luck . . . sending good vibes your way!! Nancy