Sunday, December 23, 2007

Okay, Here is the Update

The picture will be here Wednesday. She was so proud of herself. My mom got to hear the story first and she said G marched into the house and told her she stood in front of Santa for the picture. She told him she wants a baby and an umbrella. That is my wish for her since she didn't really have anything in mind.

Okay so last night we met up with our friends who waited and traveled in the same year. All of the girls played so good together. Everyone was truly amazed at how much G has come out of her shell. She even told ours hosts that she would like to come back to there house and play. It almost made Mr. Michael cry when she gave him a hug too. We well overstayed but truly didn't realize it. At one point it was 8:30pm then when we left it was 10:13pm. I have no idea where the hour went.

Then the worst of the evening happened. I got a speeding ticket from a very unmerciful cop. Yes I was due it but he absolutely refused to hear my plea. Full ticket. I have no money to pay it. I will have to go to court to work out a payment plan. Then when we got home, Clementine, from her kennel, managed to move herself to chew up a bag and most of its contents. The bag was about 3 feet away from her and contained my shoes!!. She got them out of the box but totally chewed up a pair of black pants. The bag was totally ripped to shreds.

Then after bath, having gotten everything cleaned up with the dog, I go to the kitchen and upon returning to the bedroom see that the cat puked. I said, "Oh Hell, Can I not catch a break?" and without missing a beat, G said, "No."

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with my uncle, cousin and his family. They are very kind to G. She got a Jasmine barbie, a dress up princess set and a tape player microphone thingy. She had a great time, as I did. But she was a bit confused. She looked up at me after she opened everything and said, "Where is my umbrella?" She got her baby and had not clue why she didn't get the other request. I pointed out that this wasn't Santa, this was just family and distant family at that. She was also comparing the number of gifts to what her cousin received.

This may get ugly in the next years. See her cousin's grandad provides A LOT of gifts for the three kids in that family. G is a cousin and they are very kind to her and have been the last three years we have gone. They make sure to get her something fun. I just hope that next year I will be able to explain that this celebration is extra not total so she need be very grateful but not greedy.

I will try to post pics of both nights. Tomorrow we are going to make cookies to leave for Santa. We are also going to sleep in if the animals don't wake us up. She is currently coloring with markers after having watched Aladdin because of the jasmine doll.


Ashley Winters said...


Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope your sweet little girl gets all that she is wishing for.


crazylady said...

Somedays are just like that. You eat icecream and wait for tomorrow.
You HAD to go and prove me wrong by getting a Happy Santa shot. Well good on you.

How fast were you going exactly?

Lauri said...

Merry Christmas

Ava Baby said...

Wishing you guys a wonderful Christmas!
Michele & Ava

mommy24treasures said...

sorry about the coal in your stocking, speeding tickets are the worst. grr.

Can't wait to see the Santa pic.
Hope tomorrow is wonderful.