Friday, December 14, 2007

Retro Friday-Greece

This was the year 2003. I with my neighbors, a co-worker and her husband, and another friend I met through my neighbors took off for a week in Greece. These pics were taken in Mykonos and Athens. If I had any time I could relive it would be this time. We had so much fun, there were enough of us to split up if needed to do our own thing but also enjoy each other's company.
I will say I was not brave to rent mopeds or get in cars and drive anywhere because well folks are crazy on the roads in foreign countries.
I was probably at my smallest size here. I loved my hair cut. There are just a lot of reasons to go back to that time. Of course I started my paper chase the next Feb/March so another fun time came in 2005.
The next year, 2004, the same group minus my neighbors (who were preggers at the time) spent a week in Barcelona. I had nothing but trouble with my credit card who kept blocking purchases even after I told them where I was and to stop blocking purchases. Made for a very stressful time.


crazylady said...

Greece was the summer of love in '85 pour moi.
We can never go back. Just like one day we will sit here and look back at Gweniss in her 'theme' sweater and wish you could go back.
Tell me exactly, what was different about your hair. I only see retro pics to judge ;)

Lauri said...

That looks like such fun.... you look really, really happy in those pics.