Friday, December 07, 2007

Retro Friday

This is the year 2001, Feb. I had just gotten home from touring Holland, Luxembourg and Belgium. My dog, Clementine had been hit by a car Jan 19 of that year a couple of days before I left on the trip. I literally got her out of the vet the day before I left. She and her sister were hit by a car and she was the only survivor. She was not quite a year old at the time of the accident. She had been chewing nicely on her cast and yes she did have the cone for awhile. I was so happy to see my Clementine. I didn't like leaving her with the sitter who allowed her on the bed at night (big no no until then), who didn't keep the cone on her head so this was cast no. 2, and who I paid to clean too but she didn't. Oh well, lesson learned, 18/19 year olds are not always responsible.
Forgive the spread eagle sitting, I was trying to hold my dog who is terribly afraid of cameras. I have the most neurotic family!! We have some real unreasonable fears!!


A Special Family said...

lol your hair then looks like my hair now when it gets wet!
Love the picture!

Sharon said...

"Poor puppy in a cone!" I always remrmber that phrase you used, it was so cute. I have new update photos of Bailey on the blog. They are of course, all over the house now! said...

I love your retro posts! I have been a bit tardy as of late. You've motivated me to get back in the groove.... Did the do and you were so "flexible". lol