Monday, December 10, 2007

This is it! (and why is blogger not holding my formatting?)

G went to Santa's helper to get the candy cane and some other gifts. She stood with two of her travel buddies and one of their brothers and she even played in the room with the other kids without me. But, BUT, she only got this close to Santa. She is hanging over the back of a couch looking into the room where he is sitting in the corner.

Every other child regardless of age crawled all over him. At one point G told me she was going to call Santa a "bug." I told her "great then I can get a picture of you next him him calling him that."

At nap time before the party, I was talking about how she could stand next to grammie, next to grandad who would stand next to Santa for a picture.

I was demonstrating the way they would stand by Santa and each other by pointing the air. So G shows me her version and says "How about dis, how about Grandad stand wite here (pointing on the bed), and Grammie stand wite here (pointing next to grandad), and Dennis (G) stand wite here (next to Grammie)."

I said, "That is fine but where will Santa be?"

She stood up and walked far away to the corner of the bed and pointed "Wite here. Now dat's a good idea."

Needless to say, Grandad didn't go and G didn't get next to Santa. But one victory if you call it that and I do is that she, BY HERSELF, went with the other children to play away from me and away from Grammie for most of the night. She knew it was a victory too because at once point after not wanting to be next to Santa, she said to me, "Mama, are not you pwoud of me pwaying in da woom?" Like, isn't that enough? do I have to do the santa too? I told her that I was very proud but wished she would let me get a pic of her and santa, selfish mom that I am.

I have to say this about my kid, if we are there (where ever there is) and other people come in then she is more likely to participate more quickly. On the other hand if we show up middle to last, it takes longer to warm up. So we inadvertently got to the party 10 mins. early and she had to potty so we had to go in, otherwise we would have just driven around. But we were coming from about 45 mins away and she had drunk her whole sippy cup.

We have two more times to meet Santa. I even told her that last night's Santa wasn't real. I tried everything and it didn't work. Oh well.

Here is the kicker though, as we drove back home and pulled into the drive way she said, "I so sad."

I said, "sad? about what?"

She said, "I so sad I not go see Santa." AAARRRRGGGGHHH! My mom, who had gone to the party with us, thought that was funny. Yeah, I have a riot for a kid.


Anonymous said...

My daughter (3 years old, from Jiangxi) is exactly the same at parties, we have to be among the first ones there for her to be comfortable. Or if there is food, and everyone sits down to eat first thing. She warms right up then.

Do you have any thoughts as to why kids do this?


The Byrd Family said...

You know....Santa is a pretty scary guy! Lottie won't have anything to do with him and insists that he MUST leave the presents on the front porch. She instructs me every night before we go to sleep to not let Santa in the house! LOL

Super Mommy said...

Glenys is sooo cute! Her little mind is sharp as a tac! Maybe you shouldn't push it with the next visit and see if she just goes on her own, then she'll tell you how pwoud you are of her. - Nancy

Kerri said...

Glenys sounds like such a sweetie.
We had a bad experience with Santa this year - no pics for us. Maybe next year.
Kerri and Ruby

mommy24treasures said...

She is such a character. I feel like I know Glenys you describe her so well.

crazylady said...

she certainly has a definitive character, but like all women, are graced with the privilege of changing ones mind on a dime

I love the Dennis translations.

nikki said...

Yep, Glenys and Lily are so similar it's scary!
(and I apologize for this, but the story cracked me up, too!)

Donna said...

What happened to the name change to Talley? Has Glenys stopped using her alias? I'm sure one of your other two Santa ops will be successful, probably when you least expect it.