Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why Should Israel Stop the Bombing?

When it is obvious Hamas doesn't give a darn about stopping the rocket launches into Israel? This is a real easy peasy solution: Hamas, stop trying to kill Israel and shooting rockets into Israel and Israel would stop bombing you! I hope for peace in the middle east esp since my parents are planning a trip there soon but any country who has been fired upon as many times as Israel has been by Hamas would do the very same and not get judged by the liberal media.

Israel has a RIGHT and OBLIGATION to protect its citizens. They have been very patient with Hamas and the idiot leaders of Europe who tell them to not protect their citizens. Hamas called the cease fire off earlier this month then shot rockets deep into Israel. Hamas needs to stop.

Why is anyone trying to get the Prime Minister of Israel to stop bombing when Hamas is totally wrong and won't respect a true cease fire!

Go here for an up to date blog on the Gaza conflict.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have You Ever?

Had a muscle twitch in your face all day? I am having it right now. From having not enough sleep my left eye muscle in the brow line is twitching and driving me batshi*ite crazy!! I can't rub it out and I can't hold it all day. I can't imagine that it isn't visible because I feel like it is jumping, or trying to out, of my skin. Apparently I didn't get enough sleep last night and knew this morning when it started that it would be a long day and yep it is.

So G watched Kung Fu Panda or as she says, Kung Poo Panda, at school yesterday but then proceeded to ask me who was what and what came next. About the no sleep, this would be why. I finally told her that we couldn't talk about it because it was time to sleep and I didn't remember any of the names of any one except Po, whom she didn't remember because she calls him kungpoopanda.

So the very first words out of her mouth this morning? "Mom, now can we talk about KungPooPanda?" Maybe that was when my eye started twitching, hmmm.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Conversations Heard Over the Holidays

Over Christmas my whole immediate family visited my mom and dad's. When I say immediate that includes one aunt and her hubby and all 4 of us kids with family and one fiance (not mine thank goodness). So G was totally surrounded by cousins and uncles, aunts and boy (friends) for like 4 days.

One night she told me that she "lubs S Jane-ahs daddy." I said, "What about him do you lub?" She said, "His face, his hai-urh, his whole body bettuhr den all da peoples." So my older brother has the coveted spot of being G's' favorite person "lubbed" better than "all da peoples."

Last night in the shower I accidentally pulled Gs hair while washing it. So I apologized and she said, "Mo-o-um, you pulled it from de hole where God put it."

Friday, December 26, 2008

What a fun day we had yesterday. G didn't realize that it was Christmas. As a matter of fact when I asked her if she knew what day it was she shook her head no then I told her it was Christmas and asked her if she knew who was supposed to come to our house and she said, "Grammie and Grandad?"

 So I got the video ready and let her go see her gifts. We watched Sleeping Beauty (an early present) Christmas Eve on the computer in bed and tracked Santa. When we got on line to see him at NORAD he was in Argentina and then Chile. We watched the video of him in Rome, the Great Wall of China, Russia and London. It was fun.

At the advent service grammie and grandad came with us. We didn't knock anything over and we both lit the candles. It was a very nice service and a candle light one at that with communion. We actually haven't ever been to the Christmas Eve service at any of our churches because we are usually elsewhere with family.

Our San Diego relatives were supposed to fly out Christmas Eve but got stuck here so they left yesterday morning early. We went to dinner at the Chinese buffet for Christmas Eve with my parents then to hear and see the light display. Santa was there handing out candy canes so he must have been very late to everyone's home.

G and I took a lot of her gifts out to my parents so she could play with them. The race track we were supposed to put together in her room ended up at the grandparents which was actually good because it is huge. I had no idea. It will fit in our house but not in her bedroom! Grandad and Grammie got down in the floor to play with her too. Her favorite gift though was the doodle pro. That was from grammie and grandad. My favorite gift was watching G and her grandad color her stickers or playing with her stamp set.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

To All Parents, Merry Christmas

Toy Packaging
Sara Groves and Ben Shive
© 2008 Sara Groves Music (ASCAP) admin by Music Services

Nothing makes me lose my cool like
Toy packaging
Ask the kids to leave the room for
Toy packaging
I have no choice the money's spent
I've worked for hours to make a dent
I guess it's anger management
Toy packaging

Nothing makes me lose my cool like
Toy packaging
Ask the kids please leave the room it's time for
Toy packaging
I'm drawing up a battle plan
to extricate this robot man
My self-esteem is in the can
Toy packaging

In the old days you could hold a box and shake it
And hear the pieces rattling around
My eyes tear up with these grommets, tape and twisty ties
Remembering their beautiful sound

Nothing makes me lose my cool like toy packaging
Kids you need to leave the room, mom's opening toy packaging
I'm sorry you have to see this sight
You must be brave, no please don't cry
I promise it will be alright
I hope to have it by tonight
Nevermind this dynamite
Toy packaging

Look Who Came To Visit!!

He brought the race track for me and G to put together in her bedroom and he brought some legos, a craft project, some color books, shaving cream etc. Looks like he got here right as the sun was coming up too. I guess we were the last house on the list, heh. Trip wire camera is the way I caught him at the right time, heh.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Had a Different Post But In Light of This I Have No Words

I am sure by now most of you in the China adoption community have heard of Lydia who has a specific type of cancer and with this cancer and need for bone marrow they were able to locate the first family in China? Well, this is directly copied from her Caringbridge site. Pray for this family as their options are running out or may have run out.

It seems that the China adoption community this year has had a very rough go of it. With the earthquake in China earlier, flooding, death of the Chapman's youngest, the single mom going crazy and attempting to kill her kids, another death of a precious child newly home, the death in Dallas looks like the girl was Asian (not sure of this one) and just so much sorrow and grief. Yes other families have had tragedy this year too but with China I have a link albeit small with G that I seem to notice it more. So tonight and in future, hold your babies a little closer, give a bit more grace to yourself and your kids, make sure to tell your loved ones that you do, and have a very Merry Christmas remembering for Whom we celebrate and from Whom we receive the greatest gift.

"TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2008 06:32 PM, CST
Well, I don't really know how to begin this entry. I have started and stopped several times. I would like to write something really inspiring, both for me and for all of you, to encourage you in your faith walk as well. But to be honest, I am having great difficulty digging deep right now for what is left of any faith I may have.
After this long walk, and the struggles with the family, and the "big decision" and the meeting, etc., we found out today that Lydia relapsed. This is SO rare, that I cannot even tell you a statistic. To start with, AML only affects about 500 kids a year, then you move to those who are high risk, who then achieve a remission, and talk about relapsing during chemo after a remission...well, let's just say it is off the charts. I don't know why we can't be on the good end of any stupid statistic. It just plain out *&%#*& SUCKS! I would have to try desperately hard to figure out how this is "for the best". I know, I know, I don't know God's plan and all that other stuff, but's Christmas and this is not the kind of news one wants to receive at Christmas, or ever for that matter. I am sure it's not even news you want to know about...depressing all the way around.
So what does this mean? Well, the bone marrow transplant is off indefinitely, because you cannot do it if the person is not in remission. And she has met toxicity levels for the drug that did get her into remission, meaning she can't do that because it would cause we MAY try a drug called clofaribin that has had some success with difficult AML cases. If we don't/can't try this, or that doesn't work, then we are done with treatment...and I guess the rest you can guess because I can't write it.
So, I will have to confess to you that this has really shaken my faith to its very core. I am not sure where I am headed in my faith walk at this point. I would like to be able to tell you that I am trusting in God's big plan, and perhaps I will get there over time, but I am nowhere near there right now. Tomorrow (Christmas Eve!), we have to go to the clinic to discuss all this with the doctors.
My Christmas message to you is to be so very thankful for your own health and that of your loved ones, especially your children. Do not take a single moment for granted. Do not insist on your children sleeping in their own rooms in their own beds. Enjoy every single waking and sleeping moment that you have and hug them very tight, especially right now at this (under normal circumstances for me) most magical and wonderful time of the year. My birthday is on Saturday. Who would have thought last Christmas and my last birthday this is what the following year would hold! Please treasure every moment.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If You Bought A Hannah Montana Mini Digital Camera

for your child, take it back. It is a waste of money. Friday, G's class had their Christmas party. Earlier before the teacher was let go she had directed the parents to send a gift for a child of the same gender to school. Then she sent a clarifying note home about the amount of the gift. Initially it was set at $10. The clarifying note said to spend at least $10 so as not to have a child feel left out.

Well, jokes on me and her, I sent a freebie book that may be more than $10 but I didn't pay that and G got the aforementioned camera. Problems all over for this camera that had a ticket price of $39.99. I kid you not.

So the first thing is there is no memory card. Second is it runs on one AAA battery. Third is the pictures disappear when the battery dies or is changed. Fourth is after downloading the software (required) the 18 pics G took yesterday morning were gone! Fifth is there is no display to see what pics you are or are not taking. USELESS!! But it has Hannah Montana's face on it and it is pink and little.

Truly a waste of a purchase. In the previous years they exchanged books. Books are so much better and last so much longer!! We always read books!! We love books or at least I do. G has a Fisher Price indestructable camera that takes crappy pics but at least I can see them!!

Oh well, we won't have to worry about this next year as she will be in public schools and Christmas parties are not allowed!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost Made It Without Injury

We almost went the weekend without injury but no both my littlest nephew and G had to go and get hurt. Nephew goose-egged (is that a word?or verb?) his head and G skint up her nose. Nephew shook it off and was fine. G needed her momma to rock her and hold a bit of ice (which was so not necessary but necessary, ya know?) on her nose. That was about all the luvin' I got from my G until we were home alone last night. And that was for 2 days!! I barely saw her for 2 days amongst the grandchildren and relatives.

Then last night in bed as she was watching her video now jr and hitting the rewind button in the same spot for the 50 millionth time I told her if she did it once more she would have to turn it off. Well, as she is well known by me to push me to the edge, she did it once more so I took it and fast forwarded it to the next section causing her to miss the first part. Then as I was reading and she continued to watch she sweetly said, "mama if my widdle guhrl started it ober I would wet her watch it ober again." I glared glanced sweetly at her and said, "Tell me that when you have a little girl."

We are heading back into the lions den tonight for one last Christmas meal with one of my brother's family and then G will spend the night tomorrow for my SanDiego nephew's last night. I have to work at least half a day and then we participate in our advent service at 3pm. I am totally dreaming or having nightmares of us setting the church on fire which wakes me up in cold sweats. I hope we get through the service without embarrassment or harm, heh! (no, really)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Morning Bday Party

Fun party to stuff her own reindeer. She wasn't too sure about the monkey but she had a good time at her cousin's bday party.
After the party we headed to the grandparents for her to see her cousin from San Diego. Grandad took them all out to the wilderness until it rained.
Then the little ones followed my oldest neice to the bathroom and waited outside the door for her which drew a crowd of adults to watch the 4 year olds wait on the 12 year old.

family fun, good times.

The Night We Made Pizza

One night last week G and I made home pizza (from a box). I had gotten cheese the first time I purchased it but I bought pepperoni recently (mistake).
We made pepperoni pizza this time but they are hidden under the mounds of cheese. Doesn't it look good? Let me just tell you it was as good or better than it looks!!

I didn't use all of the canned sauce and G used it for dipping her pizza in. The pepperoni box has little pepperonis in the sauce so I wouldn't let her dip the next time we made it. I will have to remember to just buy the cheese one from now on cause we always have pepperoni on hand!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Some of My Brightest Ideas

So since the gingerbread house kits were gone I thought I would get a gingerbread cake/cookie mix and then cut out shapes then decorate. So I got everything I thought except I ended up not having all purpose flour, just self rising (I don't keep stuff around to bake/cook with), I didn't get the decorating tips for the bags of icing, and the mix wasn't exactly conducive (or rather I didn't know how to MAKE it conducive to cookie cutters).

We did have "ape urhns" that we were supposed to wear. G wore hers and I forgot to put mine on. The memories, they were made. The pictures, they were taken. The mess? Oh yeah, will take years to find all the sprinkles the flew everywhere. Maybe the dog will find them first.

But G had fun making a gloriously colorful mess. She even ate one of the cookies after she decorated it. Now the rest are not edible by anyone but her since she licked her fingers after each cookie, heh. Good thing we weren't making them to give away. She used a whole 4 oz of sprinkles on the cookies. Gotta love the sugar!!
Of course now that she is bouncing off the walls and not minding and being defiant and about to be in big time trouble, I am thinking that eating a cookie this late was a really bad idea!!

I Have a Story To Tell About My Pashmina

I love pashminas and own three of them a very nice and expensive pink one, a pink/orange one, and a not so expensive red one. When G came home in 2005 it was warm, August, but as the fall came through to cool us off I started using the pashminas to wear to work. So as was my habit, I would throw it in the backseat when I got in the car sometimes accidentally leaving it overnight.

One morning as I was taking G to school she grabbed my pink pashmina and would not let go. So for a year that pashmina became her daycare blanket. I figured it had my scent (or whatever) on it and she had seen me in it so I felt that would be a good attachment object for her. She literally used it for about a year. I can't remember how I got it back from her though. Seems she found another blanket to take.

I was sort of disappointed that she would latch onto the expensive one but I guess, I wasn't really surprised as I recognized right away that she has extremely good taste, heh.

Now this linked site has pashminas. Go check them out. You can get a rainbow of colors to accessorize and stay warm in not so freezing environs. Plus they are having a give away, chance to win a pashmina of your choice. Check them out. Don't walk, run to the site!!

Random Photos Just For Fun

In Sunday School G colored this picture of Moses and the burning bush.
Wed. night she completed her ornament now a new favorite.

Monday on playing hooky day G picked her new gloves and a hat and she promised she would wear them if she picked them out. The hat is for age 3+ but is still too small for her. The gloves are one size fits all for older toddlers and pre-schoolers. The others sets for older kids were too big or the hats were attached to gloves already in a matchy matchy set.

Here is the moody model showing them off.

While decorating our Christmas tree G said, "Mama, take a picture to memember dis foreber." Yes and her sitting in the chair like that with two very withered balloons with a sherriff's badge on is what she wants "memembered."

And a video of this ornament she brought home last night. I hope to have a tree full of these ornaments. She told me yesterday when I picked her up from school that she made a new hand ornament and I am so thankful to have another (probably the last) of her growing hand then I told her to stop growing up!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Night at the Pre-School Choir Concert

This is G's stress face, a fish face.

Standing up to be acknowledged for her perfect attendance. Thanks to the grandparents for that.

Again with the fish face!!

G sang in her pre-school choir concert. This is done very nicely in an intimate setting so as not to bore the non-related members of the church so only family of the children are present. It is an open house type thing. Last night my dad came as family is in from out of town and my mom didn't want to leave them. So dad and I enjoyed the kids in a comfortable setting while the kids mumbled sang their hearts out 3 songs that totally impressed all of us parents and grandparents. Our children are brilliant and totally talented, heh.

After they sang the teacher handed out certificates she was so excited. She looked at it with me and said, "It has my name! It has both my names on it." Too cute and I missed it on the video camera.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

G's Conversations

First thing, I am sick with one stomach something or other. Not home but it just reiterates why I should never play hooky with a sinus thing because something worse is always lingering. Thank goodness for immodium!! (sorry TMI)

On to the conversation, the other night when G was so mad before bedtime I asked her if she wanted me to hold her like a baby and she did. So while I was holding her she said, "When I am 10 you won't be able to do dis."

I said, "I can still hold you like a baby when you are 10."

She said, "My wai-eggs will be too wong."

I said, "Your legs are already too long but as long as you are willing to crawl in my lap I will hold you because I didn't get to hold you when you were a teenie tiny baby."

This led into a discussion of the before our family and her time in China.

I said, "I am sure somebody held you like this but I didn't get to do it."

She said, "Wike my fahstuhr mommy and my daddy?"

I said, "Yep like that and maybe your China mommy and daddy."

She said, "I wonder what my daddy wooks wike?"

I said, "Well if you look in the mirror you will see what both your China mommy and daddy look like because you look like them."

She said, "Can we go see them? Do you know them?"

I said, "No and I am not sure but we can sure try to go see them."

She said, "On Satuhrday?"

I said, "Well maybe not this Saturday but on some Saturday we will. One day we will go see your foster mommy too."

She said, "What's her name?"

I said, "I don't know because the government didn't want us to stay in contact with them like that. I do send a book of pictures to the SWI for them to see you growing up."

She said, "They will be so suhrpwrised to see me so grown up, won't dey?"

I said, "Yep and they will want to know what kinds of things you like to do. What do you think you will say when they ask you what are your favorite foods?"

I asked her several questions like that and for food she said, mac n cheese, pizza, rice (wiese), green noodles (pesto) and candy. Not very Chinese like huh? I asked what she likes to do and one of her answers was "dwess up." I said, "No you don't like to dress up. When do you dress up? You tell me you don't like to dress up." She started to giggle. Then I knew we had to wrap this up as it was way past bedtime!! When the giggles come the more difficult it is to go to sleep.

Anyway, she does ask the tough questions which is really good and I am so trying to keep the dialogue open on adoption and her history since we know so little. Just makes it easier I think in the long run even the hard stuff. We have watched the Prince of Egypt twice recently so lots of questions came up from that.

Our town Christmas parade was cancelled twice now so I suppose it is not happening this year. Maybe next year. There is a home that decorates with lights tuned to music so we have gone to see that twice already. We will go a few more times before Christmas too.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday-The New Monday

So yesterday morning I got up around the time the alarm with off. My head was sort of fuzzy so after letting the dog out and back in and doing my morning oblations I headed back to bed for just a minute or two, 2 hours later, G started stirring and woke me up. So I had all of 9 minutes to get us fed, clothed and to school and work by 8am. Seeing that was probably not gonna happen I texted in and said I was sick but I would come in if they absolutely needed me, which I knew they wouldn't. So G and I took a day off.

We put the Christmas tree up and swept the floors. We attempted to corral all of her toys in one area of the house and then headed to Wally's World for what I thought would be a fun treat. Sadly, they were out of the fun treats though I did manage to get 5 of her daycare teachers (because I have no idea actually how many people keep her) gifts for less than (including wrapping) $5. YEAH!! Also picked up grandad's gift from G which we can all share and she and he can play with.

So what was the fun treats of which Wally's World was out, you ask? Just pretend you asked, 'mmkay? Was the Gingerbread House Kits. Yes I missed getting one. I was so jazzed about actually doing that with G but I didn't buy it when I saw it. Instead I waited and now it is too late, drat.

G went to bed angry at me last night for who knows or remembers what. I asked her if she wanted me to hold her like a baby and that pretty much ended the mad. So I held her and rocked her and finally she let me go to sleep. In the shower I fell back against the faucet and have a lovely contusion bruise/scrape up my spin. And boy does it hurt!! A squatter I am not. I was attempting to get on level ground so to speak with G to wash her bumps with the body wash and lost balance. Those bumps are going to kill me one way or another!

Now with video!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cool Christmas Give Away

This very cool blogger is hosting a cool colorful fiestaware give away. Leave a comment and choose your colors. I am so hoping to win this. The drawing is Christmas Eve. I love fiestaware but don't have any. Right now with a kid around tupperware is much better kid friendly choice at our house. Go ahead click and try.

The Weekend in Piccies

First we hit the Alpine Village. They had a live nativity along with Santa and shops to visit. The wise men walked around most of the night, I guess they were "wandering" under the light?

Oh look, rare mama sighting. Someone in line to see Santa offered to take our pic together.

Yes she got close enough to "high 5 him." This was the second Santa of the day. One our our friend's grandad plays Santa (he is awesome too). But I told G that he wasn't the real one only EL's grandad so she wouldn't be afraid. Didn't work. So then we saw this one who to me looks not real at all but G said he was the "weal one."

Oh and did I mention snow? They had snow at the village. This to G was the highlight, truly. She loved the snow. It was fake and took forever to come out of hair.
And we had one doozy of a melt down when we got home. Yes we stayed out late so I totally deserved the melt down. Apparently after long hours of wear (3) the sweater she wore caused her bumps (no they are not gone yet) to hurt something fierce. Anyway, 12 hours roughly 30 minutes later we were in bed and she was asleep!

Sunday evening we tried to beat the zoo at the zoo lights by going just before close and staying through but can't do that. Anyway, since I am a member we were able to go 45 mins before close and stayed an hour. That really was enough time. Actually we tried to get there around 3:30 but we couldn't get our afternoon napping selves together. But that really was enough time. After the zoo, we took our friend Shay to dinner for her bday. But she blessed me more with a gift card to Starbucks for $30. Cool huh? Totally wasn't expecting it. I haven't gotten her Christmas gift done yet!!

We have gotten to see these three tigers grow up together. All three are bengals but one is a white bengal. And yes we did get to see them as kittens at the same zoo.

What are you lookin' at? You want some of this? YOU WANT SOME OF THIS? Too bad there is a fence, HA!

Yep the snow leapord can totally see the Cabbybearras (sp?) through the fence and was totally stalking them this evening, dreaming of a scrumptious meal!

G and one of our friendly kimodo dragons. It really is back there behind glass safely not looking at us or deaming of human snacks.

G climbing the budda because we are reverent of other religions totally, heh.

Oh did I say we saw two Santas this weekend? Well we saw three and this was the safest one to stand by and yes she did want me to pick her up so she could touch the beard.

Then she wanted to pose by all the animal statues as we left. She cheesed it up for me!

Her and the alligator is the best actually.