Wednesday, January 09, 2008

G Conversations

Okay so Wordless Wed is happening today but first I want to share this.

Last night was a bad BAD night for us. I told G that because she is continuing to refuse to go to sleep and keeping me awake she was going to have to sleep in her own bed starting tonight. So that lead to an hysterical 45 min. melt down. Okay so this morning I started talking about it in a cheery voice.

Mama: "Tonight you are going to get to sleep in your bed because you are a big girl."
G: "Yook at me mama, yook at me, I am not a gwown up."
Mama: "Yes, well you are a big girl."
G: "No mama I wittle."


mommy24treasures said...

she is pretty wittle now that I think about it.
Seriosuly good luck tonight. One thing that helps mine is a cd player with music, they love having soothing music to listen too.

Kerri said...

Poor girl! Poor mom! Good luck. I'll be thinking about you guys and sending positive thoughts your way.
Kerri and Ruby

Dawn said...

That's so funny. I mean her saying that is funny, not her keeping you up at night. My daughter uses the "too little" excuse when she doesn't want to do something, but if it's something she wants to then she says she is big. She switches back and forth depending on the situation.

Tasha said...

I wish I was wittle. **sigh**

Elizabeth said...

OMG - that's hysterical. The conversation, not the situation. Stand firm. Put the wittle octopus in her bed. (Don't they all sleep like octopus at this age? Is that the plural for "octopus"?)

nikki said...

I FEEL your pain, Beverly! I really do!
Isn't it convenient how they are big girls only when it suits them!?

Good luck with your wittle one!

Taylor Grace said...

That's cute....Taylor says things like Yisten to my voice and this is not a joke wheng I am trying to explain something and she is trying to get her point across.

She even points to her face when she says, listen to my voice.