Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am Tired

and I think I took too much medicine this a.m. I took two sudafed sinus and allergy and because I didn't keep the original box I didn't know if it is one or two max and now I think it is one max at a time. So like the run on sentence there? I am well known for them.

Oh and another thing, the sudafed was left over from the meds taken to China in summer of 2005. I would have thought by now taking two would be safe since they have to lose strength not gain it.

Would you like to see the chickens from the zoo in action eating live bugs? I don't care, I am posting anyway.
Chinese ChickensRegular chickens (that is a scientific term as far as I care, heh)


nikki said...

Hope you are feeling better, Beverly!

laurel said...

Hope you get feeling better soon. I almost hit a regular chicken the other day. It was running across the road (that sound funny), but it really was. Don't know what it was doing in this really nice subdivision I was driving through. Kinda wierd. Hang in there!!!