Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Okay now for the wordless Wed.

Oh and yes it is the chicken's earlobes that tell what color the eggs will be. Or at least the feathers where the ears should be/are.

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Kelly S. said...

Dear Beverly!

Howdy! I am finally writing to you! I have been reto reading your blog.

Your Glenys has the sweetest face!

I hope maybe we can email and chat about getting a second one. We are not wealthy ($) but have wealth in other areas beyond words.

Your blog is terrific! Nice that you are able to share your thoughts, pic's of Glenys and you, pic's of your feet in shoes (tee hee!), videos, past vacations, and other tell tale moments.

Looking forward to striking up a friendship.

Kelly's MaMa (still living in a fixer upper)