Thursday, January 31, 2008

Okay So...

We aren't getting any smiley faces. 3 frowney in a row now. She is down to her last dollar. The first night was partially me too. Tuesday night was because of her fear that I could do nothing about. The power was out at my house until around 10pmish and G was afraid. She didn't want to go asleep because she was afraid. She told my mom that she saw dragons. And knowing G and her imagination, she probably did. The downfall came from reading a book and doing something different on a page than what we normally do on that page. That totally sent her into a tizzy.

Last night she was almost out then Simon, the cat, came to make beds out of us, and that sent her over the edge. Not that Simon doesn't always make beds out of us mind you, but last night it just flew all over her. I ignored her crying, and at some point it quit being real crying into fake crying with pauses to see what I would do.

Then at 1am she was having cry dreams, you know, when she cries in her dreams and makes laudible sounds? Well, those totally woke me up and I couldn't get her to stop or wake up. She fell out in full blown melt down but didn't remember it this morning. The child was totally asleep. Our a.m. conversation went like this:

Me: Why did you cry this morning?
G: I didn't cry! (said in the most exasberated/shocked voice)
Me: Yes you did. What were you dreaming?
G: Mama, I didn't cry.
Me: (pointing to my eyes) Yes you did. See these bags under my eyes?????? I didn't get any sleep last night.

So one week worked but this week not so much. What gives?

Spell check is not currently working, and I normally use it so forgive spelling errors.


Vivian M said...

Hope you both get a good night's sleep soon!

Kerri said...

Ugh! Hope she gets back on track soon.
Kerri and Ruby

AZMom said...

Welcome to night terrors. She will never remember waking up or the crying. My kids had them until they were 4 or 5 years old. Just stay by her when she has them and don't try and wake her. That freaks them out. Just make sure they don't hurl themselves out of bed. They are terrifying to watch when they get bad but she will not remember a thing.

I hope she gets back on track soon!

Big hugs!