Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Couple of Things

First is a conversation G and I had Saturday night. We were in bed and G has gas issues anyway. The thing is she learned early from someone how to blame the passing of the gas on the dog. So we are in bed and Gs toots under the cover. I heard it. Then I smelled it. I told her that she passed gas and she said the dog did it. I said, "Well, it smells under the covers."

 She said, "No it doesn't, yet me see. Oh yes it does."

 I couldn't help but laugh.

Second thing is that I may not be going to Omaha after all. After I booked everything on non-refundable tickets the CFO and Controller want to see how much it will cost to have one trainer come here rather than 5 of us go there. If worse comes to worse the company will eat the price of the ticket and I will have one ticket to use in the year. I am not sure if I will have to pay for it or if I will even use it. I may try to fly G and me somewhere cheap next year. That would be fun.

I still like my job it is very busy on payroll week, however. I don't like getting behind and I am getting a bit behind. Should be caught up by Friday though. G and I have big plans for the weekend. She has two parties this week at school, one today for a bday of a classmate and on Valentine's Day, where I signed up to bring cookies.

I haven't taken any new pics in a while so those are long overdue. Will try to get some this weekend.


Kelley said...

GREAT story!

Vivian M said...

Hope you all have a wonderful time at the parties, and a super Valentine's Day!
Oh...and the stinky story was cute too.

nikki said...

Gotta love our gassy girls!

And, what have the two of you planned for the weekend? I'm intrigued!

Kikilia said...

Sounds like you guys are quite the party gals... Have fun this weekend!

Heidi said...

I think they just know somehow about blaming the animals for the gas - my daughter blamed the cat more than once...super funny, the first time! Have fun with all the parties and I wish you peace and sanity through it all!

Julie said...

How cute! What a personality!