Monday, February 04, 2008

Movies that Foster Adoption Talk

(Warning no spell check and could be preachy.)

Well like I said in the earlier post, Pete's Dragon is one, but I am actually writing this about a long forgotten one (at least to me): The Prince of Egypt. I had seen this a long time before G came home. I also know the story from the Exodus account. I know the story is very well know to me and anyone with a knowledge of Biblical history.

The thing is I watched this movie recently with G. Oh my, can I just say, tears? The scene where Jochobed made the decision to abandon her baby because the Egyptian Pharoah decreed all male Jewish babies be thrown into the Nile, struck a significant chord with me, as it should for all adoptive parents of abandoned Chinese children.

Talk about an easy starting point to discuss G's adoption from birth. Her birthmom, made a decision to abandon her because the government law didn't aid in keeping families together. I mean I don't know the exact reason for G's particular abandonment, but it is based in China's one child policy. I can give a purpose to G though. Moses was found and adopted by the Pharoah's daughter. Unlike in the movie, Moses was in line to the Egyptian throne but he gave it up because of the teaching of his birthmom's faith when she nursed him. What G didn't get was to be nursed by her birth mom for 3 years as Moses did but that wasn't in the movie, just the true account. She did spend some time with her birthmom though, that is documented.

But God was with Moses from before birth. God did not make the law, but He used the law to bring good to those who loved Him as Romans 8:28 says. Abandonment is bad and man created for whatever reason. It isn't the original intent of God. Sin in this world brought bad things like baby abandonment and abortion. In man's law there is evil intent, but in God's providence, there is a purpose. Do I know that purpose? No but God will reveal it to G in due time. It is my responsibility to point her to her God. And that I plan to do so!!

Any law passed without God's purpose is evil even if the person making the law thinks it is for good. The good deeds of man are as dirty rags to God. If you don't know Him a good place to start is with the story of Moses in Exodus 2. Then fly on to the New Testament and read Romans 8.


mommy24treasures said...

your post gave me chills. Deep thinking here...

Vivian M said...

Thank you for sharing, I will have to check these movies out.

AZMom said...

I think a lot like you do. Some of the stories and movies that I see and never really thought about in terms of adoption, I see completely different now.

Thanks for sharing hon.

The Byrd Family said...

That's really all we can do because we don't have any answers for our little China children. God adopted us all.