Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Okay so I am stupid

I totally forgot about the primary elections and didn't get registered in time to vote. I may take my passport and go vote in my last home area, but that is a different state. I think it is illegal to do so too. I only want to vote in the federal part anyway, no local stuff. I am registered with AR for the Nov elections and everything past January 20 or so, but I needed 30 days prior to the election. I can't complain about who is going to be the republican nomination, but I hope he will be a pro-life candidate. If not nothing else matters, right?

I mean if individuals are valued in the womb why should we value them more 8 to 10 inches outside of the womb? If they aren't valued as pre-born why value them at 86? Trust me there is no difference in a live not yet lived and one lived if you value life at all. SLED-there are four areas that are different in a pre-born and everyone else, Size, Level of Development, Environment and Degree of Dependency.

Size: The unborn is smaller than a toddler but toddlers are smaller than adults. Then what do you say of little people or giants? Who gets to judge?

Level of Development: The unborn is less developed than a toddler but a toddler is less developed than a teen and a teen is less developed than an adult. Should it matter?

Environment: The unborn is in the protective environment of the womb. I change location daily, that doesn't redefine who I am.

Degree of Development: I hate to be the bearer of bad news but non of us are independent!! We all require others for our survival. So does that make an unborn less human? I doubt G would survive very long without me or another adult to take care of her and I know I wouldn't survive without the infrastructures in place and the people to keep it all going.

So where then is there a difference for someone to make a decision to abort? Again I say, if pro-life doesn't mean anything and doesn't matter, nothing does.

Right now the only pro-life candidate is looking like Mike Huckabee who is willing to bring about a pro-life amendment. Go Mike!!


Anonymous said...

WTF? Are you serious? Mike Huckabee? Why don't you take us back to the puritan dark ages.

Sophie's Mom said...

I love the spineless 'anonymous..' can't even sign their name! LOL

Isn't Romney pro life? I'm almost sure he is, and he has a better shot than Huckabee.

I agree, I will vote pro-life above all other things. I'm amazed how many women are voting for Hillary, because she's a woman. Sad.

Beverly said...

Yeah Anon I said Mike Huckabee. He is the most pro-life candidate on both sides of the fence.


Julie said...

Bravo Beverly! You have really said it all.

Denise Sullivan said...

You tell 'em girl! We voted for Mike too.

Sharon said...

I like his face. My dad thinks he will be another Jimmy Carter and thats not a good thing. I have no idea. Us reps Out here in CA, we are doing everthing we can just to keep the DEMS out. I can't figure out who but the talk radio peeps are all over the map. Tom Sullivan is confused but is afraid of McCain and then I hear he is the only way and better that hil. Rush says to have faith, not hope and go for the conservative.

PS Beverly, good for you for taking a stand. You are a strong woman.

Heidi said...

Mr or Ms brave anon - we need some more "puritan dark ages" in this country to counteract the immorality going on all around us -God help the Republicans save our country!

The Byrd Family said...

Yep, he seems to be the ONLY one concerned about pro life!