Friday, February 08, 2008

Retro Friday

Instead of a picture post, I will do a retro story post. This doesn't go back too far just to 2005 in Guangzhou, China almost 2 weeks after having G with us. As some of you may remember by earlier postings and recapping the journey, G hated me with as much baby passion as one could muster and only warmed up grudgingly and slowly. To that end, she adored her grandad and anytime he was around I couldn't come near her. So by the time we got to Guangzhou, mom and I had devised a plan to take G out alone in the stroller for bonding time.

This particular morning we walked up to the coffee shop, Blenz, while watching the morning dancers/exercisers (is that a word). I was needing a latte. G was walking around eating a cheese cracker snack, and my mom just enjoyed the scene. Then all of a sudden G did it. She gave her first kiss willingly. Up until this point she didn't even willingly kiss her favorite person.

Who do you suppose was the recipient? Oh come on, take a guess. Oh okay, it was the Wall.

Not just any wall but the outside wall of the coffee shop!! I took a picture of it but couldn't get it printed because it just looked like a grease spot on the wall. Well it was a grease spot in the shape of lips, G's lips.

It was several more months before she actually willingly kissed me or Grammie. Actually, she didn't call me Mama until late November. She continued to call Grammie "dis." But she had "dandad" down pat quick.


The Byrd Family said...

I remember your posts on this subject and how hard it was on you. Who would know now? She is such a Momma's girl!!!

Lauri said...

I will have to go & read your archives.. that had to be hard on you. Ever wish you went alone?? do you think that would have made a difference?

Livi refused to go to John on any of the plane rides home.. I held her for 20 hours straight

laurel said...

Great memory. Glad you are alright from the big storms. Our heart goes out to your community.

nikki said...

Another thing we have in common! Lily couldn't stand me in China either, but daddy was GOD!
(We have all come a long way, haven't we?)

Love the story.

Vivian M said...

Oh, Daddy was the King for a long time, and since Kerri had RAD she HATED Mommy to the point of being violent. Now we are the best of friends...but I had to wait a very long time for a kiss or hug or an "I love you". Some things are just worth waiting for!