Monday, February 04, 2008

So off to a not good start

G received a smiley face from me on Thursday and Saturday but then last night lost it over tears and wiggling, squirming, her routine. So she paid me her dollar this afternoon. We will try again.

I am working on two big personal projects. One is taking all my digital prints off of my laptop and putting them on CDs. That is taking a lot of time. I have a card reader and several photo cards. I took several to china in 2005 and reuse them a lot. Then I picked up a 2G jump drive to keep documents on after the picture project. This should free up lots of space on my computer which should make things go much faster, I hope. Maybe I can delay needing to purchase a new computer for a while.

Then I started a picture book for Wuzhou SWI. I sent one last year about this time and need to do another one. If I bought all of the pictures it would cost as much as doing it this way. Plus this way I can actually type my own captions that will be easier to translate. I will send that book and some of G's art work and hand prints through our agency. CHI is really good about sending things to the SWIs for us.

Work was fun. I have already been bad mouthed, no joke. Last Thursday one of the older employees asked for a guard's W-2, to leave for the guard. I told him I would take care of it. He came back another time and I said the same thing. I left the W-2 for the guard as asked. The problem was that I didn't jump up the first time I was asked and give it to this man. First off, I happen to be responible for last year's W-2 copies and I don't think it was his place to take it. So this guy went and bad mouthed me around. My boss, when he told her, said, "well lets go see if she did what she said she would do." I did but the damage had been done. Oh and he is a friend of one of the owners.

I like what I do I don't like this bad mouthing talking bad about others atmosphere. It is petty, untrue and ridiculous. So what is the deal with these men? Other than that I have been able to decorate my office and today added some chinese scroll paintings. They have been in my mom's closet for two years so I took them. I will take a pic with my cell phone tomorrow and post it.

So this is a payroll week and beginning tomorrow I will be pretty busy. I should be able to post though during the waiting for the programs to work.

We are watching Pete's Dragon. If you haven't seen it, Pete is an orphan who was purchased by a family who abused him. Elliot is his dragon that just showed up to help him. They have to escape this family and go to a lighthouse town. It is interesting to say the least and I remember getting to see it in the theater as a kid. As a matter of fact it was a stormy night and my dad had to work. Mom wasn't happy about Dad working and we went with another family. Fun times. I don't remember the movie per se but the event. Surprisingly G likes the movie. I wonder when she understands "orphan" and the abuse in it if she will like it later.


Vivian M said...

Beverly, I am so sorry you are experiencing this at work. I remember life in corporate America, and bad mouthing is almost nothing compared to some of the stuff that happens in big business. Just ignore it, eventually your reputation will prove itself and people will always talk. It's not pleasant but it could be much worse.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry about the bad mouthing at work - I experience it too. It's terrible. As far as the movie - We used to watch Pete's Dragon all the time as kids. It's still one of my mom's favorite movies. I don't think she so much analyzed the whole abuse issue as much as she liked the dragon/sing-songy nature of it.