Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday, Happy Valentine's Day

G has now taken our baby sister conversation to school. She told her teachers that she was getting a baby sister, who would not be from China but would be Asian like her. She even told them her name. Both teachers have asked me and I confirmed that yes, one day we would.

I called my agency about VietNam. The international adoption agreement is going to expire on Sept 8, 2008. If it is not completed all adoptions will cease and only those currently in process will finish. So I asked about getting started. My agency wants a homestudy and I171 and $5000 dossier amount to get on the list for referral. After referral then the dossier is completed. So I have to say, I don't have that kind of money. I won't have that kind of money for a while. So now I need to curb her talk. I don't want her to get her hopes up and I don't want to keep talking about it.

Today, G got a big bump on her forehead from walking into the car door. Why is it when we get home that she stops right behind/infront of me? I mean I put her down and turned back to get something. I of course thought she had started walking towards the house. Did she? NO! She stood right behind me to the point that I almost knocked her down. I said something that scared her and she turned around too fast and conked herself on the head. Of course she fell apart and I felt horrible. And no I don't know what I said, probably just her name.

She does it all the time though. My arms are loaded and we walk into the front door. Does she keep moving? NO! I can't even see her where she stopped. I have to tell her that she is in my way! I have knocked her down before. What is it about the stopping in the walkway? She goes infront of me but doesn't move forward or sideways. I am forever telling her to get out of my way.

We are currently watching Alice in Wonderland. I have confiscated all the candy and put it away for doling out a little at a time. She ate 2 "puh-cakes" at the Valentine's party. We had a wonderful time playing with S while his parents went for dinner last night. I will post pics tomorrow at work.

I attended a training today about my job and I feel soooo much better about what I can do and how it works. I have one more training on another part that is supposed to take place in Omaha. Of course after booking all the non-refundable tickets, they are re-thinking the travel thing. I asked before I booked but was told to go ahead. Whatever. I would rather not go for a lot of reasons and none of them have to do with Omaha itself.

G is trying to figure out this yo-yo she received as a valentine treat. I have never been good at yo-yos or paddle balls (which she also received). We are both tired and as soon as AIW goes off it is bedtime.

And an update on the smiley frowny faces? G hasn't gotten more than 2 in a row since the first week. She just really doesn't care and I am out of options. I am too tired to do the in her own bed right now so that is not an option. I really need to sleep and getting up to put her back in bed or get her from hysterics is not what I can physically do right now. I just can't. So we keep working on it and I pray over her every night. Maybe it will click soon.

Okay so this is long. Hope you get through it all.


Dawn said...

Two of my kids do the exact same thing of either standing right behind me without me knowing it, stopping quick when they are walking in front of me, or, as I'm walking, all of the sudden walking across my path of travel. I have accidentally knocked them both down, and they never learn. They still do it. The last couple of times it happened to Amaya she blamed me and said, "You pushed me down!" I have to tell her I didn't push her down, she got knocked down because she walked in front of me and I couldn't stop fast enough. It's frustrating.

Super Mommy said...

Pink, Pink, I like it pink . . .about sisterhood and the adoption, are you expecting a tax return that could help you with the dossier money? Maybe you all could sponsor a child through Love Without Boundaries - you will get photos and an update and you will be helping out an orphan. . . that may be a bridge to the full-blown sister thing. Just a thought. I am still up in the air about "baby brother" from Viet Nam - the girlies talk about him constantly too. Nancy

nikki said...

I think it is sweet that Glenys talks about her baby sister...I pray it becomes a reality for you both!
I'm sorry about her bump on the noggin - I am constantly trippin' over Lily too. Usually when my arms are full of groceries or something. Ah!
Sorry there haven't been a whole lot of smiley faces...if it helps, I didn't think the day would EVER come for Lily and we are goin' on like TWO WEEKS'll happen for you, too. And it will be SO sweet.

Donna said...

My adoptions were more than 6 years apart so Emma had lots of time to beg for/talk about a baby sister. Sometimes she would forget about it for periods of time, and I'm sure Glenys will too. Almost as soon as her sister came home, Emma started asking for a baby brother. I let her know that our family is complete, and she shifted her desire to a dog. I hope the smiley faces become so frequent that you're able to stop doing them soon.

laurel said...

Great to hear you like your job, sad to hear about the boo boo! Don'tcha just hate it when they get hurt. Happy Valentines Day.

Vivian M said...

Hope Glenys gets well soon from her little bump. I think all kids get underfoot every now and then, it happens.
Kerri has been talking about a sibling since she can talk! It will happen when you are ready to make it happen. She will be ok.
Hope you are getting more sleep than us!
Happy Valentine's Day!

The Byrd Family said...

I know, Emma does the same thing! They are like little dogs under your feet PLUS I am already naturally clumsy and so is Emma so we fall over each other all the time! Oh gives the household something to laugh at!

Don't fret too much about her sleeping with you day before you know it she won't even want you in her room, she'll want her privacy and you will miss her and be sad. Trust me on this one!

Couchkat said...

I just wish adoption was not so darn expensive! :( I wish you could get started!

Dawn said...

Ouch!! So sorry that Glenys got a bump on her head! Hope she feels better soon!

It's so sweet about how Glenys talks about her "baby sister". It's so sad how the International Adoption process (for many countries) has slowed down. And the money .... don't get me started on that one!!

AZMom said...

Oh wow...when I first read about a baby sister, I started scanning your blog thinking I missed something! Good luck to you with #2 when you do decide. I know you are a great mom to Glenys and you will be to her sister whenever that time is right.

Ouch on the head injury. Busy Boy does the same thing..he will just STOP in front of me and I will trip, stumble, crash over him and he will look at me like, what did I do?

I'm glad you hear your job is going well. My job continues to go down hill and I am praying that one of these interviews I have results in an offer soon.