Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Toys b"R"eep Us, Be Darned!!

Okay so I ordered G's birthday gift on-line. Is it just me or does anyone else feel the universe is out to get them when ordering on-line. I have the sh*tt*iest luck ordering on-line. So anyway, shhhh don't tell her, but I ordered her Dora talking kitchen cuz it was onsale, and while I was at it, I bought a little Hello Kitty bling thing for her to use on my computer if I ever learn to share.

I also ordered a cherry media bench. It looked nice, I didn't read the size but I didn't want anything too big for the space I had in mind. I have only one piece of white furniture and it really can't be called that in my house so I ordered the bench in cherry. First off, I received the bench today and it is white.

I called the on-line store previously mentioned (sortof) and negotiated a big $20 refund, cuz I am just good like that!! It would have been a total pain in the arse to have it picked up as it was delivered and left under the carport anyway when I wasn't here. I am a single-working-out-of-the-house-mom. Okay, so then I said for $20 off I am starting to like the white; so lets get this put together. Oh and the box was all like all, um, well, it really was just four sides of cardboard taped together. I can't really call it a box, but it was up to the ole ups standard!!

Well, when all of the pieces were out of the box, I discovered not one screw, not one sheet of instruction nor did I find the little wooden dealios that cover the screws once they are in, what are they called? Anyway, I call back and am told that basically they are totally out of the bench anyway, so here is a number to call for the manufacturer's parts dept. Which was not a good number by the way (wrong area code), but I spoke with Wanda in VA who works for the maker and she is going to pass my info and request off so that maybe I can get the parts.

This may eat up my $20 discount anyway!! Just seems I do much better paying full price at the real store not some on-line place anyway. Oh and last time I checked after ordering the talking kitchen, G changed her mind and wants something else all together. Oh well. That'll learn me!!


Anonymous said...

I think you're right. I firmly believe they are called the "little wooden dealios that cover the screws once they are in". Good luck! Sounds like little Glenys is gonna clean up on her special day. Lucky girl!!!!!

Denise Sullivan said...

What a pain in the butt! Sorry you had to deal with a burst bubble today. Maybe Glenys will change her mind again about the toy. ;-)

The Byrd Family said...

Me too....that's what I call them!

She will change her mind a zillion times...don't worry...she will love it!

Lauri said...

she will love the kitchen

krj said...

Man that bites... what a pain.

Vivian M said...

When is Gleny's birthday? Do you have time to return it and get something else?
I have no idea what the cover things are called.
Don't tell Kerri there is such a thing as a Dora kitchen, SSSHHH!!!