Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update on Baby Sister

Really there is nothing to report except that G is constantly talking about her. Then Sunday she asked me if we could have a baby brother. I said, "No." We have no room for a brother.

She tells me all day long (that we are together) what "baby sister" will or won't be able to do. She told me that "baby sister won't know dese songs so I will hafta remember dem for eber and eber." We have the cutest children's CD and that is what she is talking about.

Oh how I wish I had a windfall or inheritance from a long lost relative, yea right. I would start the process right now if I could but we will have to wait. The instability in all of the programs right now do not make my heart flutter.

Of course with the way G is not going to sleep, I don't want another one!! It is still miserable. For every smiley face she has earned she is receiving 6 frowney faces and thinks it is funny. Bedtime is my most hated time of the day again!!


Rony said...

You know I feel your pain when it comes to sleep issues. G-d I hope you come up with a solution. Momma needs her rest too.

Kerri said...

We hate bedtime too! Ugh!
Kerri and Ruby

krj said...

Oh the sleep thing scares me entirely- I do not function well without sleep :)

Elizabeth said...

As much as I'm excited about the day I get to be called "mama", I really, really, REALLY love my sleep. I'm not sure how I'll handle the not-sleeping thing. But, I guess I'll figure it out. I hope your "baby sister" dreams come true one day!!!

Vivian M said...

What's sleep? Have not seen more than four hours (on a good night) since Gotcha day. Starting to look like a raccoon too!
Hang in there, it can't get worse right? It can only get better! Hopefully sooner and not later.

Heather said...

All right, I've figured out the solution to both problems. 1) get Dr to authorize insurnce to pay for new child as sleep aid. 2) Glenys will then sleep with new child. 3) Bev will get sleep.
Okay, gotta cut down on the caffeine I can tell. I'll dream these dreams for you though.
Heather BT

The Byrd Family said...

Oh...poo! Sorry about bedtime, I was hoping that it was getting better.

nikki said...

I hear you on the windfall...I would love to adopt again too. But, God can provide a way (for both of us).

I'm sooooo sorry to hear that Glenys is still not sleeping well. I remember how cranky I was getting toward the end (and I DREADED bedtime)...now it is one of my favorite parts of each day. Don't give up hope - it WILL happen one of these days. I promise. Keep making a HUGE deal about each smiley face. She'll get there.