Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring came out...

then ran away. The last two days have been in the 40s with rain. Spring isn't here yet either. The poor flowers are very confused about blooming or not.

Here are more pics of G from the day. I just love the pucker face. She was concentrating on her windsock.

She was actually pretty good on the hulahoop for a 3 almost 4 year old that is.

She fell asleep in the car with her tripletts.

Saturday Pics

Today, G and I took our best friend boy to the Children's museum while his mom was at her guitar lesson. We had so much fun. Although I will say toward the end they were acting more like tired siblings than friends. He is 7 or 8 to her almost 4 so he tries to be another parent and I had to stop that a couple of times. Then neither of them wanted to be in the same place at the same time. He didn't want to make the windsock until she was done then she was done with the playdoh when he just got started. The only place they were in sync was at the river. What kid doesn't want to play in the water? It was the next to last thing we did there b/c I figured they could be wet for lunch but not all day.

There was a special program for the kids and that was learning sign language. They learned several phrases and were able to use them at three different places in the museum. It was kind of fun. I had to give my permission for their pics to be used and they kept taking pics of them together. I had to explain that as G's mom I could only give permission for her pics. The worker just assumed they were my kids. That was all fine with me except for the picture permission. They probably won't use any of G since they wouldn't take her pic alone.

Thanks for all the birthday well wishes for G but her birthday is April 22. We have some time still. I just sent the invites out to make sure I was committed to having it at my house. Now I have to get the house cleaned for everyone to come over. Wouldn't want anyone to see how I really live, ::snicker::

Friday, March 28, 2008


I am so glad this week is over. It seemed so long. Sinus stuff getting me and G making us both a bit grumpier and work stress, just not a fun week.

I ran in to get a card for a wonderful, soon to be mom of a beautiful Chinese daughter, and low and behold these wooden toys were staring me in the face. You know G and I have two birthday parties to attend coming up not to mention her own birthday party!! I am set now.

She decided she wants a mermaid princess picnic party. Haven't the foggiest of what actual picnic food to serve a bunch of 4 year olds and their moms/dads but we will come up with something. I got two princess table clothes to lay on the ground for them to eat on though. We will camp out in our front yard with the bounce house. I will use cars to block off the front of the yard from the street kind of like a fence. I need to get a big castle picture to tape on the front of my house.

G is all worried about making sure there are enough balloons and cupcakes. I will take some small cupcakes and cool-aid for her birthday at school on her actual birthday. So this year she will only have two parties. One on Saturday and one at school on the 22nd.

Everybody is gone from work today. I don't want to leave early today because I need to leave early on Monday because of one of the said bday parties. I am a little sad that my kiddo will be 4. Of course in a lot of ways I wish she was already grown but it is sad to know that she is growing too fast for me!!

I got a small raise at work this week too. It actually is the total amount in pay that would have been paid for my insurance had I taken out the company insurance. It is over $3000 a year. I know money is taboo but coming from the last two years this is such a big deal.

The last company I worked for in my small home town just plain doesn't pay their staff. The owners took the executive staff and their families to Hawaii for a week instead of paying a living wage to their office employees who have never gotten a raise even though they do receive yearly evaluations. I don't know how in a company so small that an owner would punish employees like that and then flaunt vacations like that!!

I am (despite the firings) liking this company. They seem genuinely interested in helping their employees and taking care of us.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wish I Could...

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Some Rodeo Pics and video

One of the Glory Riders and G.

G doing the stick horse rodeo.

Aussie puppy, looked similar to what our Clemetine looked like as puppy.

The national anthem with the flag presentation.

Attempting to re-coral the bull.

G being silly. Rodeo clown and the barrel riders.

Please don't listen to me in the videos. It is pretty harrowing to watch at least for me. Even watching on video elicits the same response.

Some pics from the weekend

G with her buddy, Sam, being silly and looking for eggs.

Playing in the bushes at the party.

Totally exhausted. This was around 11:45 or 11:50 pm after the rodeo. I had some stuff to do before putting her to bed so I propped her up at the table still sleeping. We had a very long day.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Zoo Sans Camera and Other Ramblings

Yesterday, G had to go to work with me because daycare was closed and I didn't make other arrangements. Thank goodness I work at such a lax place and this will be so rare. Anyway, one of the owners stopped by around 2pm and told me to go home. Cool huh? So we went to the zoo and met our best friend boy and his mom. We thought it was a great idea to do so and apparently so did everyone in a three state radius!!

Tonight we are going to a rodeo that is being put on by The Circle Cross Ministries. World Class Bull Riders. That is how it is being billed. We can meet and greet them from 5 to 7 then at 7 the fun begins. I have no idea how this is going to work. If it smells too bad, G won't want to stay. She is all excited about it for now though because she has never been and doesn't know what it is. I used to watch it on the TV with my Grandmother. Can't imagine what live will be like.

Before that we are going on an Easter egg hunt with our old neighbors. G said, "Huntin' eggs is like huntin' squirrels." I said, "yeah something like that but more like hide-'n-seek." How funny!!

I hope to have pictures from both events. Sadly I can't get her to wear her pink cowboy boots and she almost had a melt down when I suggested it because she thought I was going to make her. I don't think I have ever MADE her wear anything in particular. So we may have a mess on our shoes and I guarantee we won't fit in at the rodeo!!

I am cleaning my oven today, a 3 hour process. I am supposing I can leave it to finish alone, right? I won't be here for the last hour of the process and am a little nervous. I think it turns off itself though!! It really needs it too after a year + of living and cooking in it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Retro Friday

Second or Third birthday.

Good Friday

Today is the day, as Christians, we celebrate Good Friday. This is the day Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of all man. He paid for us to save us from the wrath of God. Since no man is perfect nor sinless there is a debt owed. Only a perfect man could pay that debt. That perfect man who fulfilled the Law and the Prophets, Old Testament prophesies and law, was Jesus Christ the Perfect Son of God, Who laid aside His rights in order to tabernacle here among us. All of the traditions that the Jewish nation celebrated and still celebrate point to the cross.

Today, we look back at that dark day, when the earth itself moaned in grief over the death of its Creator, solemn but thankful. Not saddened, because we know that early on Easter morning the other celebration takes place and that is of HIS Resurrection. Without this, Christians of all men should be pitied. But because of this fact of history, we know that though we all may die from this earth and leave this earthly body, we will live eternally in Him and with Him. It truly does take the sting out of death. Let us sorrow now for Joy comes in the morning!!

Mark 14:32-15:47

Thursday, March 20, 2008

St. Patrick-The Story

Okay here is an abbreviated story about St. Patrick.

He ran the snakes out of Ireland.

HA! You thought that was all?

Okay so there was more to it than that. First, thing you need to know is that Patrick was an English teen on the cusp of manhood when he was taken in a raid by Irish pirates. He was not a saint growing up and actually was a thief, trickster, and all around rowdy boy. His father had warned Patrick that he needed to get his life together and allow God to work changes in him.

This particular raid, like many others before and a few after, was to gather human sacrifices for the Druids in Ireland. Ireland was a very spiritually oppressed country at the time. The Druids ruled the people through fear and even controlled the monarch and other leaders of the country with superstition and fear.

Patrick was to be sold as a slave but had actually been purchased for human sacrifice. The man who was transporting Patrick to the sacrificial temple happened to owe a farmer money. The farmer came upon the transport and demanded payment from the transporter. For payment, the farmer took Patrick as a slave. Patrick lived in the barn, sleeping tied up on a bed of straw. He became the man's shepherd. Patrick, now in isolation, in a foreign country, had no one but God to turn to. The Holy Spirit used Patrick's Christian upbringing and the truth of God to quicken Patrick's spirit so that he became a believer in the One True God.

After many years, Patrick was able to escape. He had had a vision of a ship. He believed the Lord God sent him that vision. One day he walked away, found a ship sailing away from Ireland and using his experience as a shepherd earned passage on the ship. The ship happened to be carrying livestock and needed someone like Patrick to handle them.

Patrick ended up in I believe France at a monastery where he became a monk. He left there and returned to England to find the rest of his family. Then one night, God sent him another vision. This time it was the spiritually oppressed Irish calling to him to return and save them. So he did. He returned and was able to reach the monarch even though the druids attempted several times to kill him, even attempting to poison him at a dinner held in his honor. Miraculously, he was spared and able to show how the druids were using fear and superstition to control the country. Patrick was able to bring the love of Christ to a blind people.

The druids wore long robes tied at the waist with a belt that was shaped into a form of a snake. So Patrick did run the snakes out of Ireland, but not the slithering animal type.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Downside to Working from Home

Or at least in my case the downside: My dog, Clementine. She has been receiving small amounts of people food lately. She is currently resting under the dining room table where I set the computer up, right at my feet. That people food is causing some awesome (but not in a good way) smells to creep up. OMG! she has some gas!!

Anyway, this afternoon at 1:30pm I have to report for the pool of jury duty. A friend of mine mentioned that she doesn't know anyone who has actually served jury duty as often as me. She may be right. I have served 3 times in less than 6 years. The first was county/state in Tennessee. It was a 5 day duty where I sat with a bunch of people I didn't know in a big room and was guarded so as to not escape except on breaks. They would call a list of names and take them under guard across the street to the actual court room to be reviewed. I never made that. Actually, I was leaving the Thursday of for a cruise and had to beg, plead and was belittled for getting those two days off. I was so stressed about that.

Then that weekend I received the Federal summons for the same year!! That was a 30 day duration but I never had to go unless my number was specifically called. The end of that I was headed out on vacay to Europe and had to skip the last week of it (I received permission). With federal, you don't get paid unless you are actually called to come in.

Then this year I received the summons for county/state of Arkansas. This is a 30 day service and you have to report when told to sit in a court room, having been sworn in by a judge to be selected for a another pool of 18 potential jurors. But you have to sit through the actual selection process by the attorneys. Takes a half a day!! So I have reported on 3 days, asked off for one week (last week) for training and am so hoping they don't make me make that week up.

Oh and the kicker is, I am eligible to serve on the last two without exception because I haven't actually had to sit on a case. If you actually sit on a case then you are excused for 2 years. Then there is a caveat to that too. They will differentiate between civil case and criminal case in AR. I watched several people who served on the car wreck in week one get called for the rape case Monday.

Basically, with all three times, they couldn't have come at a worse time between vacays and new job!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Concentration-Wordless Wednesday

Pictures from the week

Here are some pics from last week and this week. G took one of me!! Can you tell?

She just looks so much older than almost 4 in these pics.


That is not enough for this!! This dear girl is not asking for enough money from the airliners or the other passenger!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

School Pics

G had her spring pictures taken and I was on the fence about buying them until I saw them. She is bautiful in them.

This photographer is the same one from the beginning of the daycare and remembers G's lack of participation. I even got two poses this time. This is real progress. So the photographer is going to use the one with her looking down as a sample in the shop. Maybe I can score a discounted framed pic of G when she is done. Oh and these are pictures of the pictures as I don't have a scanner. So they are much more beautiful and colorful in person. G even knows the name of the color of her dress, plum. I of course didn't know she knew that until someone asked her.

In Honor of St. Patricks Day

Who knows the story of St. Patrick? I will send a prize to the first person who can tell me briefly or as brief as you can the story. I will give you a hint of a hint, it has to do with snakes and it is steeped in Christian faith.

Now GO:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is how I felt on Friday afternoon:

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Pics of G

Update: 4/18/2014, pictures have disappeared from the blog for an unknown reason.

These are some pics taken on my mother's camera. G on Friday with the snow wearing my dad's cap. G picking flowers the Sat before the snow. G riding the lawn mower with her Grandaddy and both of them with big laughs.
I am sitting with the work lap top at my mom's house and getting ready to work. G can't wait to play sesame street on this lap top but I need to work a bit.

Friday was a very busy day. I had a meeting at 11:30 and at 1. I really didn't even want to be there. I scored a blackberry temporarily. I don't know if I am going to convince them to let me keep it or not. I have asked them not to call my cell at all (my dad is paying for it, long story) so I don't want work to ever call it. That is just me!! Anyhoo, I am going to convince them I need it, Ha Ha, and learn how to work it. I don't really need it but I would like to play with it a while. A better phone with internet access would be fine too.

G told me Thursday night that if she were made of wood I would be very "impressed." I told her that I would be sad too. 

She said, "because you not would see the growing changes sudlties?" I said, "Did you just say 'subtleties'?" She said, "yes."

I believe her vocabulary is bigger than mine!! Who uses subtleties? The other night she was having trouble with the word "creation" and since I had no idea she knew the word, I wasn't helping. She got mad at me for not getting what she was saying. Finally I figured it out and we practiced. She is amazing!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Retro Friday

I am not sure what I am showing off but I have a coke bottle. My grandad used to own a barber shop with a pool hall in the back. He kept a coke machine there and also kept cokes and sprites etc at his house.
In the background is my cousin from California. I didn't get to see him but once every couple of years and I truly thought him odd because he was from California where the sun didn't go down when ours did. To me that was like a foreign country.
Also, in the background is my little brother's snoopy. He decided to take a bath with it once and that was the end of snoopy!! I was either about to enter kindergarten or about to go into first grade. I base it on the hair cut.

I like this description

She was always kind of running between the raindrops.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

After the Firings and Other Ramblings

So I was trained on Monday only. It was supposed to go through Wednesday but the CFO confiscated the trainer to make her his own. So I have done regular stuff for two days to get caught up. People, not just the owners, are realizing how little I did know about stuff so they are backing off some stuff. I have a meeting on Friday (read free lunch) with the broker for the company's insurance and he is going to enlighten me on the scope of what is offered and how it all works.

I think the two who were fired are going to sue. I have a sneaky suspicion based on how it all went down. I mean TN is a right to work state and firings if done properly can't be challenged. All they would have had to say is "This is just not working, you aren't a good fit" and that would have been that. But they, wanting to justify themselves, wove a web deeply to assuage their own guilt in believing lies, that they may have a significant suit on their hands soon. We shall see. I haven't spoken to either of the ladies since Friday. That is for the best at this point.

The cat is gone, but not forgotten, my kennel is still with it (shelter doesn't keep cats apparently). I think it will be fostered until the owners or a new owner claims it. My mom took it for me, and she won't let me ever forget that either. She was totally inconvenienced by the whole ordeal.

I didn't even name that cat, which is something. One reason is because it was a boy and I just am not that geared to owning boy animals, sorry guys. The other is I know we couldn't keep it anyway. G was a bit scared of it anyway because of the claws. She was very afraid it was going to scratch her.

G went to dinner with my dad last night and tonight is at mission friends (my parents church) with them. Dad takes her to dinner by himself on Tuesday nights (mostly) and Wed. He is all about his grandkids and probably wishes he had them first. I can't say as I blame him. His own kids (all four of us) have caused him much grief over the years. It is sort of nice to have the time by myself to wash dishes and read or get on the computer.

I am thinking about signing her up for either dance or a pre-reading program. I think she would enjoy both. I am leaning more to dance class. All the research about the pre-school, etc. shows all kids by 2nd grade are on the same level no matter if there was pre-school or not. Of course that is barring any learning disabilities or other issues. The dance class is an introduction to dance and is about $10 per class for 30 mins or $90 for 9 weeks.

The positives to the dance are she can wear shorts and a t-shirt, the location is close to home sort of (at least to a coffee shop), the class will graduate into her next age immediately in the next 9 weeks, it is only 9 weeks long and there is no recital. The negative is that it is 11 to 11:30 am on Saturday. Talk about a waste of a day, right smack in the middle of the morning (at least to me, a waste).

The reading class is worse, 9:30 to 11 or 9 to 10:30 every Saturday way out past where I work now so no sleeping in even on Sat. I think I am much more leaning to the dance class. The reading class isn't even close to a coffee shop either!! You know I do have my priorities, and it is all about me, heh.

G doesn't really have an opinion other than her other friends are taking the classes through school (very expensive) so she sees them go every week. I think she will enjoy it and probably learn more not being with her friends. See I have made up my mind. I just needed to "talk" it out with someone, so why not the world? Thanks for listening. Now if only I can remember to get her signed up!!

And what is the appropriate age to introduce your almost 4 year old to the Who?

Stuck on a toilet?

Okay, who does this? I mean really. And the authorities aren't sure if there are any mental disabilities, Ya Think? And the boyfriend didn't have any urges (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) that would cause him to get her out sooner? Oh and the neighbors aren't surprised about the situation other than the fact that someone wasn't called sooner? Come on people!!! How can you be stuck on a toilet for 2 years and no one truly miss you? That is sad, very very sad!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We are the proud owner of...

a cat, at least temporarily. I am hoping to take it to the city pound tomorrow. It was left on a country road. That is what you do in rural towns when you don't want a pet you know. (SARCASM in case you can't tell) My parents have been the proud owners of many dogs left that way.

It makes me ill that someone could actually have a pet and then take it out and leave it on the side of the road. I have literally rescued several dogs but this is the first cat. It is beautiful too. It is solid white with long hair and blue eyes. It is smaller than the ones I have already, so it doesn't appear to be very old.
Right now it is in my bathroom with its own cat litter, water and food. Abigail hates it. Simon is all eh about it and it hates Clementine. I think it is a boy. Not sure, didn't want to mess around down there with it being in a new strange place with other critters hating on it. Tonight will be horrible I can already tell. I guess I will put a night light in there for it. Pray we will get some sleep!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Been Here?

Humorous Pictures

Training Today

I am in a three day workshop training on the software that truly runs this operation. They (the partners) are talking about bringing payroll inside as opposed to outsourcing. What a pain in the arse that will be. Possible date for payroll beginning in 2009, what a nightmare. Just like in First Thing (my last employment), the system is under utilized. And that is an understatement. There is so much more that could be done but hasn't been implemented for whatever reason. Probably because there wasn't a HR person to set the files up correctly the first time. Companies underestimate the abilities and capabilities of having an HR dept.

Hitting other blogs will be hit or miss until Thursday!!

See ya,

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Conversations with G

So the other morning we were getting ready for school and work and G was showing how generous she would be to her baby sister.

G: "Mom see, I will let my baby sister stand here." (On the stool between me and her)
Me: "That is good to let her be between us."
G: "Well, well, then here I will give her dis side." (away from me.)
Me: "But your baby sister is going to need to be between us because she will be little."
G: very thoughtfully "Well, I got a gweat idea, she can stand here and you can hold me!"
On another day, G decided her baby sister's name should be Alexa or Alexis like McKenzie's baby sister.

I asked G if it would be okay for her baby sister to have pretty brown skin like Kavin, (since Asian countries might be out for singles) and she said while waving her arms back and forth between us, "No, I want her to wook wike us. Okay?"

I said, "Well, baby, you don't look like mama, you are Asian and I am Caucasian. We are different skin colors but we are the same inside." I reminded her that she came from China and I came from the US and I am not sure where her baby sister will come from.

The conversation came about oddly. I may be looking into a domestic adoption of a biracial girl. I don't particularly care what two races but I do care about it being a girl not a boy. I am still at least a year away from a decision and still watching VietNam. I also have to worry about the weird layoffs at work too.

Snow pics.

G all dressed and ready to go. Like her orange boots? This is the redneck version, tennis shoes with plastic bags and rubber bands over them. G is too afraid to put her own boots on so we improvised. She preferred the bags to real rubber boots.

Then there is one of her snowmen. She was showing them to me and telling me which one was her.

She preferred to be pulled around the yard on the sled but did ride down the hill twice while I was there. She needed help getting up the hill then decided to just be pulled.

This is the same hill we slid down as kids and it seemed so much longer and steeper then.

Friday, March 07, 2008

First Snow of the Season

This is my back yard at 5:30pm, an hour and half after I left work. Clementine was not liking being in this cold stuff we don't see that often. My parents had G and she got to make 2 snowmen and slide on my brother's old sled down the hill, and of course I missed seeing it.

 Mom got a new camera though and computer so I get to see the pics tomorrow. G has wanted to make a snowman all winter but thought she would have to grow up to get to do it. I am so glad it snowed (on a Friday, no less) at least once this year. But I can't believe it is March 7 that we get the first true snow of the year.

Who Me?

You're Totally Sarcastic

You sarcastic? Never! You're as sweet as a baby bunny.

Seriously, though, you have a sharp tongue - and you aren't afraid to use it.

And if people are too wimpy to deal with your attitutde, then too bad. So sad.


if they didn't do it again. They fired the HR Manager, the other person I reported to and told me right before they did it. Then they are trying to reassure me that I am fine and work corporate function only and not to worry.

Not to worry, yeah, right!

Writing this sounds so not real, like what company does this Shi8t? Well they did it.

The Chair Parts Are Together

I finally got the screws to the chair and Gand I put it together last night. Easy peesie. Actually some connectors were missing from one board and I had to improvise. G loved it. She is reading to her dolls and setting the ones up that wanted to listen to her story. Isn't she cute? Of course this is taken right before the big melt down over putting her shoes on.