Wednesday, March 12, 2008

After the Firings and Other Ramblings

So I was trained on Monday only. It was supposed to go through Wednesday but the CFO confiscated the trainer to make her his own. So I have done regular stuff for two days to get caught up. People, not just the owners, are realizing how little I did know about stuff so they are backing off some stuff. I have a meeting on Friday (read free lunch) with the broker for the company's insurance and he is going to enlighten me on the scope of what is offered and how it all works.

I think the two who were fired are going to sue. I have a sneaky suspicion based on how it all went down. I mean TN is a right to work state and firings if done properly can't be challenged. All they would have had to say is "This is just not working, you aren't a good fit" and that would have been that. But they, wanting to justify themselves, wove a web deeply to assuage their own guilt in believing lies, that they may have a significant suit on their hands soon. We shall see. I haven't spoken to either of the ladies since Friday. That is for the best at this point.

The cat is gone, but not forgotten, my kennel is still with it (shelter doesn't keep cats apparently). I think it will be fostered until the owners or a new owner claims it. My mom took it for me, and she won't let me ever forget that either. She was totally inconvenienced by the whole ordeal.

I didn't even name that cat, which is something. One reason is because it was a boy and I just am not that geared to owning boy animals, sorry guys. The other is I know we couldn't keep it anyway. G was a bit scared of it anyway because of the claws. She was very afraid it was going to scratch her.

G went to dinner with my dad last night and tonight is at mission friends (my parents church) with them. Dad takes her to dinner by himself on Tuesday nights (mostly) and Wed. He is all about his grandkids and probably wishes he had them first. I can't say as I blame him. His own kids (all four of us) have caused him much grief over the years. It is sort of nice to have the time by myself to wash dishes and read or get on the computer.

I am thinking about signing her up for either dance or a pre-reading program. I think she would enjoy both. I am leaning more to dance class. All the research about the pre-school, etc. shows all kids by 2nd grade are on the same level no matter if there was pre-school or not. Of course that is barring any learning disabilities or other issues. The dance class is an introduction to dance and is about $10 per class for 30 mins or $90 for 9 weeks.

The positives to the dance are she can wear shorts and a t-shirt, the location is close to home sort of (at least to a coffee shop), the class will graduate into her next age immediately in the next 9 weeks, it is only 9 weeks long and there is no recital. The negative is that it is 11 to 11:30 am on Saturday. Talk about a waste of a day, right smack in the middle of the morning (at least to me, a waste).

The reading class is worse, 9:30 to 11 or 9 to 10:30 every Saturday way out past where I work now so no sleeping in even on Sat. I think I am much more leaning to the dance class. The reading class isn't even close to a coffee shop either!! You know I do have my priorities, and it is all about me, heh.

G doesn't really have an opinion other than her other friends are taking the classes through school (very expensive) so she sees them go every week. I think she will enjoy it and probably learn more not being with her friends. See I have made up my mind. I just needed to "talk" it out with someone, so why not the world? Thanks for listening. Now if only I can remember to get her signed up!!

And what is the appropriate age to introduce your almost 4 year old to the Who?


Super Mommy said...

I vote for the dance class - she will get more enjoyment out of moving to music than reading (at least my kiddos do)!
You could work with her on her reading for free and on your time schedule. Just my 2 cents in case you care to read them! Nancy

Vivian M said...

I think dance class would be the best pick of the two.
And please post pictures of the little ballerina (or hip hop artist, whatever genre she will be dancing to!).

The Byrd Family said...

You will make the right are a good Mom!

I on the other hand don't like to sign up for anything because we are horrible about getting up and getting out of the house! It stresses me out!

Donna said...

In answer to your last question: when she askes "Who Are You"?

BevS97 said...

My 4 year old does dance classes, also 11:30-12:15 on a Saturday, and yes, it's very inconvenient but she loves it. And an opportunity to sit in a coffee shop for half an hour can only be a good thing.

at least 11 doesn't mean an early morning.

Lea said...

Lynlea took dance from 3 until 8 her choice and loved it. My vote is dance or music? Did you consider some sort of music? Do you know of any music classes in Marion/West Memphis?