Sunday, March 09, 2008

Conversations with G

So the other morning we were getting ready for school and work and G was showing how generous she would be to her baby sister.

G: "Mom see, I will let my baby sister stand here." (On the stool between me and her)
Me: "That is good to let her be between us."
G: "Well, well, then here I will give her dis side." (away from me.)
Me: "But your baby sister is going to need to be between us because she will be little."
G: very thoughtfully "Well, I got a gweat idea, she can stand here and you can hold me!"
On another day, G decided her baby sister's name should be Alexa or Alexis like McKenzie's baby sister.

I asked G if it would be okay for her baby sister to have pretty brown skin like Kavin, (since Asian countries might be out for singles) and she said while waving her arms back and forth between us, "No, I want her to wook wike us. Okay?"

I said, "Well, baby, you don't look like mama, you are Asian and I am Caucasian. We are different skin colors but we are the same inside." I reminded her that she came from China and I came from the US and I am not sure where her baby sister will come from.

The conversation came about oddly. I may be looking into a domestic adoption of a biracial girl. I don't particularly care what two races but I do care about it being a girl not a boy. I am still at least a year away from a decision and still watching VietNam. I also have to worry about the weird layoffs at work too.


Kerri said...

She is too funny!
Kerri and Ruby

mommy24treasures said...

These are always some of my fav posts. I too have thought of domestic adoption

Vivian M said...

We are headed that way too. Looks like Glenys may get a little jealous when sis finally arrives!

AZMom said...

Oh gosh I hope you don't get laid off after you just started there!

The conversation is priceless!