Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Downside to Working from Home

Or at least in my case the downside: My dog, Clementine. She has been receiving small amounts of people food lately. She is currently resting under the dining room table where I set the computer up, right at my feet. That people food is causing some awesome (but not in a good way) smells to creep up. OMG! she has some gas!!

Anyway, this afternoon at 1:30pm I have to report for the pool of jury duty. A friend of mine mentioned that she doesn't know anyone who has actually served jury duty as often as me. She may be right. I have served 3 times in less than 6 years. The first was county/state in Tennessee. It was a 5 day duty where I sat with a bunch of people I didn't know in a big room and was guarded so as to not escape except on breaks. They would call a list of names and take them under guard across the street to the actual court room to be reviewed. I never made that. Actually, I was leaving the Thursday of for a cruise and had to beg, plead and was belittled for getting those two days off. I was so stressed about that.

Then that weekend I received the Federal summons for the same year!! That was a 30 day duration but I never had to go unless my number was specifically called. The end of that I was headed out on vacay to Europe and had to skip the last week of it (I received permission). With federal, you don't get paid unless you are actually called to come in.

Then this year I received the summons for county/state of Arkansas. This is a 30 day service and you have to report when told to sit in a court room, having been sworn in by a judge to be selected for a another pool of 18 potential jurors. But you have to sit through the actual selection process by the attorneys. Takes a half a day!! So I have reported on 3 days, asked off for one week (last week) for training and am so hoping they don't make me make that week up.

Oh and the kicker is, I am eligible to serve on the last two without exception because I haven't actually had to sit on a case. If you actually sit on a case then you are excused for 2 years. Then there is a caveat to that too. They will differentiate between civil case and criminal case in AR. I watched several people who served on the car wreck in week one get called for the rape case Monday.

Basically, with all three times, they couldn't have come at a worse time between vacays and new job!!


Sharon said...

That does not seem fair at all!! Can you write a letter? They are picking on you!! We have a thing out here where if you are called in, after you appear you do not get called again for 12 months at least. But that said, I think you would make a fantastic juror and am glad you are such a great citizen!!

PS LOVE the shots of Glenys school pics, gorgeous!

AZMom said...

My gosh! I have been called to Jury Duty ONCE and was on the jury but dismissed because the defense atty did not want me on it LOL

My dog has gas issues too...YUCK!

Donna said...

Isn't that weird? I've been a registered voter for like 20 years and have been called exactly once! You have my sympathy though!

Heather said...

I have to laugh, Clementine and Rugby have the same socially unacceptable issues. We have people over on Sunday nights and he gets so bad I'll hand people candles to wave around in emergency situations. At least they can clear the air in their immediate vicinity.
I was called twice in St louis, but never had to serve. I've never been called anywhere else.
Good Luck!
Heather BT

The Byrd Family said...

You know in Texas if you have small children (especially if you are a single mom) you can check a little box and send it back and you don't have to appear!

Lea said...

So sorry you got stuck with jury duty. I am thankful that I got excused last year, I don't think I could have sat there that long.