Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So this was a shi*tty day

I had jury duty (have it all month) this morning where I sat and listened as they sat a jury for a car wreck. I wasn't chosen on this so I have to go back during the month when asked to see if I will be selected for a case. Then I went to work. Since I wouldn't know whether I was to report tomorrow until after 5pm, I told an employee I would wait on him to come fill out some paperwork after he got off work at 6:30pm.

While I waited I talked with the CFO, new guy came after me. He has two brothers in IN that are adoption attorneys. Anyway, after the guy showed up that I was waiting on the CFO asked me to come talk to him. Now, I thought he was going to complain about my inability to get in by 8am which I was told when employed I didn't have to be there until 9 but I have gotten there by 8:15 or so since. I also stay late some nights, not this late of course, and I work through lunch. I will give them 8 hours a day period.

But my hours weren't his concern. Actually, he told me that two of the owners were going to one of my boss's house to fire her. They fired the controller. The one I was training under for payroll. The one they need next week while I am in training to get payroll done. I have only been there for 3 payrolls so far. All three have been slightly different. Yes I can handle it but it was nice to have that person there for questions and clarifications. The sad thing is she knew it. She had a suspicion that this was going to happen when the CFO came on. So she told the CFO what she was afraid of and he reassured her that she wasn't going to be replaced.

Then he tells me that I looked "shocked, so let's talk about it." I said, "Well, She was afraid they were going to do this when you came on and she said you said that wasn't why they brought you on." So of course I am freaking out. He reassured me I wasn't going to lose my job but he reassured her of the same dang thang!!

The deal is I can't tell my parents what is going on because my mother will try to send me to therapy. I mean changes like this affect me but she thinks all of the issues I have had with past employment is all me or my fault. The problem is I am loyal to a fault and when I feel spit on or betrayed (like I do now), my loyalty wains and I begin to dislike the company. So maybe for that reason I should go. I still like it there though but I don't feel safe.

There was a lot of drama going on but they got rid of the wrong person. And yeah I didn't like how she handled some complaints about me that seemed to reinforce the complaints, which weren't true but she was my friend. I liked her as a boss. She knows the law and how to do the controller stuff. And now I am afraid they are going to fire the HR manager who is my other boss.

I guess we will be moving the clock back farther and get up earlier. I can't lose my job, but I wish they wouldn't go back on their promise of my time. Clock watcher I am not and I don't wish to work for a company that is. They will get the work from me done and done correctly and in time. I am truly physically ill. I didn't have any cash on me to get a coffee either.

Oh and my parents and I are snapping at each other too. That is a whole other post. But mom and dad had G tonight and called me. I was on my way but she snapped (or could me my perception) "Where are you?" So that didn't go well. And G didn't stay on blue today at school so no movie for her so there was tearful drama there with a lot of "you hurt my feewings" and "I'm not gonna be your best fwiend."

Helk*** How do I get into these situations?


Chinazhoumom said...

Hope to morrow is better - and my suggestion is

and the you ar enot my best friend thing - I love that - K says that sometimes and I look at her and tell her ok - but I am always your mommy...gets her everytime :-)

Susan said...

Yikes -- hope tomorrow is better. I think I would lay low just a bit and see how it falls out. Could be you don't know the whole story about your boss . . . but, that said, I don't blame you for feeling ill over the whole thing.

Michelle said...

I am so sorry you did not have a good day today! I hope tomorrow is much better!

Love the random cuteness pictures in the below post. : )

Eliza2006 said...

That sounds really stressful. I would have reacted the same way.


The Byrd Family said...

Oh Bev....I am praying for you my friend.

Donna said...

I hope things get better. The same thing just happened at my office: a new CFO came in and fired the controller, a good friend of mine. So far she's the only one to go. I didn't report to her but it was hard to watch happen. The "best friend" line is one of my favorites; I tell her "That's OK; I'm always your mommy, and I love you."

Heather said...

And people wonder why we don't have employees who only work at one comp[any their entire lives any more. Phbbbllttt on them.
Prayers going up for betterness for you.
Heather BT

Anonymous said...

Hang in there.. just do your job that your good at and try not to get wrapped up in the drama..... you can always keep your eyes & ears open for something different, but you are there for a reason and just hang tight.

Job security is a misnomer these days... it seems that sadly there is no real loyalty anymore ( sorry to be such a pessimist)

On a positive note..just trust the universe and keep your chin up


Vivian M said...

When Kerri said those words to me (you are not my friend, I don't like you, etc), I always told her I was her Mommy, and I loved her, even when she did not like what I had to say. I think we all had those moments in our childhood when we did not like our parents for one reason or another.
As for work, just do your thing. You may have a hard time finding a job where these things don't happen. Unfortunately, integrity and loyalty in the workplace seem to be old-fashioned words. And the bigger the company, the worse it can be.