Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Rodeo Pics and video

One of the Glory Riders and G.

G doing the stick horse rodeo.

Aussie puppy, looked similar to what our Clemetine looked like as puppy.

The national anthem with the flag presentation.

Attempting to re-coral the bull.

G being silly. Rodeo clown and the barrel riders.

Please don't listen to me in the videos. It is pretty harrowing to watch at least for me. Even watching on video elicits the same response.


Heather said...

Looks like a wonderful day spent Horsing around!
Love her sleeping at the table.
Heather BT

Briana's Mom said...

That looks so cool! I have never been to a rodeo. Something on my "to do" list one day.

AZMom said...

That looks like fun! We have not been to the rodeo in YEARS!

laurel said...

Fun. I haven't been to a rodeo in years! Love the sleeping beauty picture.

Super Mommy said...

Too cute - looks like she had a blast!

The Straight's said...

Ah man I was hoping to see those pink boots in action! Oh well looks like she had a great time even without the boots.

Yoli said...

She is so sweet.