Thursday, March 20, 2008

St. Patrick-The Story

Okay here is an abbreviated story about St. Patrick.

He ran the snakes out of Ireland.

HA! You thought that was all?

Okay so there was more to it than that. First, thing you need to know is that Patrick was an English teen on the cusp of manhood when he was taken in a raid by Irish pirates. He was not a saint growing up and actually was a thief, trickster, and all around rowdy boy. His father had warned Patrick that he needed to get his life together and allow God to work changes in him.

This particular raid, like many others before and a few after, was to gather human sacrifices for the Druids in Ireland. Ireland was a very spiritually oppressed country at the time. The Druids ruled the people through fear and even controlled the monarch and other leaders of the country with superstition and fear.

Patrick was to be sold as a slave but had actually been purchased for human sacrifice. The man who was transporting Patrick to the sacrificial temple happened to owe a farmer money. The farmer came upon the transport and demanded payment from the transporter. For payment, the farmer took Patrick as a slave. Patrick lived in the barn, sleeping tied up on a bed of straw. He became the man's shepherd. Patrick, now in isolation, in a foreign country, had no one but God to turn to. The Holy Spirit used Patrick's Christian upbringing and the truth of God to quicken Patrick's spirit so that he became a believer in the One True God.

After many years, Patrick was able to escape. He had had a vision of a ship. He believed the Lord God sent him that vision. One day he walked away, found a ship sailing away from Ireland and using his experience as a shepherd earned passage on the ship. The ship happened to be carrying livestock and needed someone like Patrick to handle them.

Patrick ended up in I believe France at a monastery where he became a monk. He left there and returned to England to find the rest of his family. Then one night, God sent him another vision. This time it was the spiritually oppressed Irish calling to him to return and save them. So he did. He returned and was able to reach the monarch even though the druids attempted several times to kill him, even attempting to poison him at a dinner held in his honor. Miraculously, he was spared and able to show how the druids were using fear and superstition to control the country. Patrick was able to bring the love of Christ to a blind people.

The druids wore long robes tied at the waist with a belt that was shaped into a form of a snake. So Patrick did run the snakes out of Ireland, but not the slithering animal type.

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AZMom said...

Thanks for the story!!! Being Irish, I did not know the entire story and have only heard abbreviated versions of it through out my childhood!