Friday, March 28, 2008


I am so glad this week is over. It seemed so long. Sinus stuff getting me and G making us both a bit grumpier and work stress, just not a fun week.

I ran in to get a card for a wonderful, soon to be mom of a beautiful Chinese daughter, and low and behold these wooden toys were staring me in the face. You know G and I have two birthday parties to attend coming up not to mention her own birthday party!! I am set now.

She decided she wants a mermaid princess picnic party. Haven't the foggiest of what actual picnic food to serve a bunch of 4 year olds and their moms/dads but we will come up with something. I got two princess table clothes to lay on the ground for them to eat on though. We will camp out in our front yard with the bounce house. I will use cars to block off the front of the yard from the street kind of like a fence. I need to get a big castle picture to tape on the front of my house.

G is all worried about making sure there are enough balloons and cupcakes. I will take some small cupcakes and cool-aid for her birthday at school on her actual birthday. So this year she will only have two parties. One on Saturday and one at school on the 22nd.

Everybody is gone from work today. I don't want to leave early today because I need to leave early on Monday because of one of the said bday parties. I am a little sad that my kiddo will be 4. Of course in a lot of ways I wish she was already grown but it is sad to know that she is growing too fast for me!!

I got a small raise at work this week too. It actually is the total amount in pay that would have been paid for my insurance had I taken out the company insurance. It is over $3000 a year. I know money is taboo but coming from the last two years this is such a big deal.

The last company I worked for in my small home town just plain doesn't pay their staff. The owners took the executive staff and their families to Hawaii for a week instead of paying a living wage to their office employees who have never gotten a raise even though they do receive yearly evaluations. I don't know how in a company so small that an owner would punish employees like that and then flaunt vacations like that!!

I am (despite the firings) liking this company. They seem genuinely interested in helping their employees and taking care of us.


Chinazhoumom said...

Happy Birthday to the big 4 year old - Amazing how time flys!!!!

Have fun with the birthday party...oh what to feed - keep it simple - and schedule it at 2ish - that way you don't have to serve lunch - just snack food - think cereal poured fm a box (the sugary kind) - Kids love to grab a handful - and keep running - and cleanup - a breeze...

Also ck out this site:

Heather said...

Isn't a great thing to be treated well and actually make more money. Incredible.
Heather BT

AZMom said...

Congratulations on the raise! And Happy Birthday to Glenys! 4 wow!!

I love Target too. I got most of my kid's Easter presents there from the $1 bin!

I hear you on the long week and allergies. I love my new job and all but I am EXHAUSTED!! Allergies do NOT help either!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Show you the money! Congrats.
For the picnic party, you could make kiddy sandwiches and then use cute cookie cutters to cut them out into shapes. It's a little labor intensive, but would be cute and themed.
If peanut butter wasn't an issue, you could do "ants on a log" with celery, pb, & raisins. That might balance out the sugary goodness of the cake!!!
Happy Birthday, Glenys!!!!!

Kikilia said...

Happy Bday Glenys! A mermaid picnic sounds like fun.

Party Picnic food fit for mermaids... How about "Mermaid Punch"- a simple orange juice/lemon lime soda mix (I use diet sierra mist) I'd put maybe a 2 litre pop to a litre of o.j. You can have more o.j. Just do it to taste.

Food wise- maybe a relish tray with ranch dip. It's amazing how kids will eat veggies if they also have the ranch dip to go with it.

I'd probably also do something easy like hotdogs and chips (if it's a lunch party)

Otherwise- I'd just pour some great snack foods into bowls- chips, cheetos, pretzles, popcorn-whatever you prefer.

Have fun celebrating the big 4!


Kikilia said...

um- no clue why the word Hot is at the end of my last post. weird

The Princess's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday, Glenys! I think a mermaid party sounds wonderful!

Congrats on the raise! Hey, every little bit helps!

Can't wait for party pics!


laurel said...

Congrats on the raise. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!