Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Recap

Did I tell you about my new freedom? G has started attending the Children's class during the morning service at the church we are attending. That is like, WOW, so cool. I can actually take notes and not have to stop and scold or take to the bathroom. Anyway, they do crafts in this class, which is right up G's alley. This Sunday they made bookmarks. She made 4, one for me, one for Grammie and two for Grandad. Grammie and I are the bigger readers but Grandad is the favorite still.

Anyway, Saturday, we met some friend at IHOP in BFE (to me) and got to meet fellow bloggers from Atlanta area. They are new in the wait (1 year April) for China. I went sans camera, so I have no pics. Then we stopped by our friends home for a minute. We were going to eat lunch at my fav. place but G fell asleep on the way back before we got 5 miles into town. So we came home.

Then we went to Grammie's so I could take a nap. G went on a long “walkin' fah fah away” with her Grandaddy. She picked buttercups galore and loved every minute of it. Being in the sunshine Sat. helped her go to sleep for me Sat. night.

Today, I was told to report to jury duty, didn't take long but I opted not to go to work. I will call in Tuesday after 5pm and see if I am required to go on Wed. I hope not!! I haven't a lot of faith in our justice system. We are way to criminal friendly and not so much victim helpful.

So I cleaned the living room, swept the floors and cleaned the front room. For someone who is not a neat person, just can't figure out where to put everything, this is a big deal. G has wanted to clean up the house for a week now, and it is a task that takes a lot of time. It is easier for me to work on it without her helping. I hope she notices or I might get my feelings hurt.

Oh and I love Family Dollar. They have cheap, put together your self furniture, like CD/disk storage. So helpful. We have accumulated lots of DVDs/CDs/videos and I needed a place for it all. It doesn't hold it all but with the other storage things it helps a lot!! It wasn't very expensive and was easy to put together.

It has been in the 70s this weekend and tonight is predicted to drop to the low 30s. It is currently raining and I can tell the temp is dropping some. We will probably both be stopped up again!! I will post what pics I took this weekend tomorrow on my work computer, cause it is faster.


The Byrd Family said...

Glad you two had a good weekend. We don't have children's church and I find myself already trying to prepare them on coming to "big church" Argh!

The Straight's said...

I thought that was your little one on Amy's blog. What a small adoption world we have?!! Amy is in my First Friday group every month. I had no idea she followed your blog too. Cool!

Tish said...

lucky you with weather in the 70s!

mommy24treasures said...

sounds like a great weekend.

Vivian M said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! Hope the weather holds and neither of you get sick.

Custom Blog Designs said...

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Michelle said...

oh, I know just what you mean...sooo nice to be able to sit through a sermon with no distractions. : )

Christy said...

It looks like you had a great weekend. Love the sunday school thing. I cant imagine having the boys or Mia in Church with us. It would be miserable-ugg!! WE kept Mia with us for the first probably 6 months after her being home but as soon as we felt ok to put her in the nursery we DID!!!!

Christy :)

Kimber said...

Although your entire weekend sounds really nice..can i tell you what I am most jealous of----the nap! I want someone to take the peanutes fah fah away so I can take a nap:) Oh and clean too.


AZMom said...

Sounds like a very busy week! Hope you don't have to go to jury duty. I had to go once but did not get picked to be on the jury.

It's supposed to be 80 here on Sunday!!!