Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Zoo Sans Camera and Other Ramblings

Yesterday, G had to go to work with me because daycare was closed and I didn't make other arrangements. Thank goodness I work at such a lax place and this will be so rare. Anyway, one of the owners stopped by around 2pm and told me to go home. Cool huh? So we went to the zoo and met our best friend boy and his mom. We thought it was a great idea to do so and apparently so did everyone in a three state radius!!

Tonight we are going to a rodeo that is being put on by The Circle Cross Ministries. World Class Bull Riders. That is how it is being billed. We can meet and greet them from 5 to 7 then at 7 the fun begins. I have no idea how this is going to work. If it smells too bad, G won't want to stay. She is all excited about it for now though because she has never been and doesn't know what it is. I used to watch it on the TV with my Grandmother. Can't imagine what live will be like.

Before that we are going on an Easter egg hunt with our old neighbors. G said, "Huntin' eggs is like huntin' squirrels." I said, "yeah something like that but more like hide-'n-seek." How funny!!

I hope to have pictures from both events. Sadly I can't get her to wear her pink cowboy boots and she almost had a melt down when I suggested it because she thought I was going to make her. I don't think I have ever MADE her wear anything in particular. So we may have a mess on our shoes and I guarantee we won't fit in at the rodeo!!

I am cleaning my oven today, a 3 hour process. I am supposing I can leave it to finish alone, right? I won't be here for the last hour of the process and am a little nervous. I think it turns off itself though!! It really needs it too after a year + of living and cooking in it.


Anonymous said...

Depends on the oven, but (I think) most "self cleaning" ovens will turn off when they are finished. My mom used to do the cleaning on a Saturday night before bed and it was done for Sunday morning.
Have fun at the rodeo. So sad Glenys won't wear her boots, they must be SO cute!!!

Sharon said...

Mail me those pink cowboyboots!! haha (Kidding) I hope she will change her mind.

Came over cuz i just had to wish you a very Happy Easter!!!

Vivian M said...

Have a very happy Easter!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Happy Easter! Hope you had a wonderful day! The rodeo sounds like so muvh fun!!


Susan said...

Hunts squirrels a lot, does she? :-)

That girl of yours is really funny. Hope you had a nice Easter.

The Byrd Family said...

I think you could have left the oven cleaning by itself.

Lottie wouldn't like a stinky rodeo either. Even at the zoo when we go by the flamingos she holds her nose!