Monday, April 28, 2008

Ya'll Deserve an Update on Advice Please

I called the director and made it very clear that I was not mad, that I recognize that the teacher was not being mean spirited and that my call was strictly for possible training for all the teachers not just G's teacher. Of course after our conversation the director said she would speak to Ms. Teacher. So maybe everything I said went out the other ear but maybe they will be a bit more careful in what words they use around the kids. I even mentioned that G probably repeats stuff I have said in frustration or anger to my parents too. Well, the teacher in question wasn't there when I picked her up Friday and today G is not at school so unless Ms. Teacher says something to me I won't mention it.

Ms. Teacher did call me today to check on G and I am not sure if she really wanted to talk to me about it or not. She has already told me that I intimidate her too (that came up over a previous incident). I guess I come across stronger than I am which may or may not be good!! In reality I am way too passive. But Shhhh what they don't know will be a benefit to me, heh!!

Cuteness Overload

breaking the pinata and some of the candy. G is sucking on a bubble gum.

We attended M's birthday party yesterday. There were so many toddlers that I was in cuteness overload. One very gorgeous couple had their twin 21 month old daughters who were absolutely adorable!! This couple is a mix of South Korean (him born in US) and Tawainese (her). Very tall couple and extremely good looking couple could only produce two of the cutest kids ever! They were very very nice!! Then another Chinese couple with a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old, both boys. So cute. Then a myriad of other kids like G, G and S (previous neighbor). Then we went to S's so they could play a bit.

And did I mention the weather going from 94 on Saturday to 56 and lower on Sunday with rain? So yeah I am sick again. I couldn't get enough energy to get up this morning so I decided to stay home with G. Then I remembered that one of my coworkers was out for something about his wife so I ended up deciding to go to work late. Then G had a melt down over not being able to stay on blue and certain friends not wanting to share the ball so in my very sick and tired state I took her with me. It worked once.

Well this time my immediate boss sent me back home to work after I drove all the way over and set everything up. He said that it isn't a good idea to allow parents to bring kids to work. So all good things must come to an end. Oh and she wasn't disruptive at all. And another mom brought her son to work last week. I understand some positions and companies can't allow it but I don't work with the public at all. We could have shut the door and been very unobtrusive. Plus it was a very good perk. The other women in corporate will still be able to do so because my boss isn't their boss. Oh well. I didn't want to bring her today anyway but was too sick to fight. She is working on her second movie right now and not getting a nap!!

By Popular Demand

Well, okay so more like only one demand, well not even a demand, just a request to see the sunburn.
Arm to wrist; shoulder area; and neck. A bit blurry sorry about that.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I think I have sun poisoning!!

Friday we "took a walkin'" after work. G showed me her no hands approach.

Concentrating on the lit brite and her radio flyer scooter.

Here are some pics of G working on her light brite last night and of her Radio Flyer's first scooter.

About the title, my arms really hurt!!

I Wish I Knew This Then!

Water damage is the claim filed the most on insurance. I have had two incidents of flooding and wish I knew about water damage restoration services when I had the flooding. Apparently there is way more too it than just letting it all dry up. I had a very expensive purse ruined in a very freak accident in an apartment I lived in one time. I didn't even know the closet had gotten wet from a cleaning service, and yet the dooney was soaking wet and molded. I wonder if they could have saved that purse? Never mind the carpet floor in the apartment never was the same again.

Another incident involved the upstairs neighbor leaving her detachable (apartment sized) dishwasher running unsupervised. All of a sudden there was rain in my apartment in the kitchen area. It was a mess, all down the cabinets in my dishes, on the floor, in the rug, and it ruined something my grandmother made me. The apartment super just wet vacuumed it up, although what was really needed was something more like the water damage restoration services offered by DryOut, Inc. Check it out; especially if you live in the flood plains of AR or the hurricane areas of FL.

Pics of the Day

These are pics from the birthday party. G is trying the hoola hoop, letting her friend sit on her lap, and wearing the mickey ears she colored. The sun was quite bright and that is what the look is on her face. She isn't mad.

This pic. is from the zoo. I just love that smiling face!!

Oh and did I mention how much pain I am in from my sunburns?

What Could Be More Appealing?

Than ripstop pants in the fight against, well, rips? BDU Pants is a 60/40 cotton/poly blend that does just that. Made for those in the military or police ranks. These pants hold their shape and color after multiple washings. These pants are also reasonably priced for America's finest who are not usually paid for the danger they face daily!!

The Post In Which I Admit What an Idiot I Am

So I took G to a birthday party of one of our China sisters, Happy Birthday H., and then to the zoo. So the winter melted into summer skipping spring altogether and I didn't wear sunscreen. So I started early on my redneck tan except right now it is in the burn stage quite painful actually!!

Last night I took G to spend her birthday money at the wal*mart. But first we went for pizza. She ate croutons and ranch dip, no pizza. So I have pizza left over which is fine because I like this particular pizza reheated. While we were in the WM I asked G if she was happy and she said that it made her heart glad that we were having a good time shopping. We ended up getting her a scooter, actually the My First Scooter, which I have the patience of a gnat in teaching her how to ride it!!

So tomorrow we have a birthday party to go to, M!! And the main reason I am skipping a nap on Sat and Sunday is because our buddy S lives around the corner from M, otherwise we would stay home and I would take a nap on Sunday!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank Goodness It Is Friday

Between my stuff and G's stuff we need a whole do over week!! She totally had a melt down Wednesday night over a silly matching game. And what about the whining!! How in the helk do you break that? Is that just an age?

Here are some recent conversations:
1. 10pm or so in bed supposed to be asleep
G: (whispering) "Mama... Mama... "
Me: attempting to sleep, no response
G: (a little louder) "Mama! Mama!
Me: "hunh wha?"
G: "How do you spell 'Finnochio'?"

2. Last night before bed
G: "Here mommy, weed dis book in spanich then in powite." (translation, read this book in Spanish then in polite.)

3. After drinking milk without a top on the cup

G: "Hey mama, wook at my mustack." (ie, milk mustache)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Assvice Please!

But remember I may or may not take it and that is purely my call. I am not by nature confrontational (I know, go figure). Also this person has my child during the day and I don't always see her when I pick up/drop off at daycare.

G was talking last night and told me she watched a princess movie that hurt her feelings. But she can't remember what the movie was, which princess it was and what part hurt her feelings. So I asked if she went to see Ms. C about it and G said, "Ms. C telled me, 'There isn't anyone here to take care of you, we aren't your parents.'"

Now, first thing to know is that G said the sentence clearly, without mispronounced words and very matter of fact. So, I suspect that Ms. C said it just as G repeated it to me. G said she wasn't laughing when she said it and that she had another child in her lap. G told me that it didn't hurt her feelings but the fact that she repeated the phrase so clearly means it registered something.

I have had an experience like that where an adult in a caring role said a harmful phrase to me and that has been with me 33 years. Waking up from tonsillectomy crying a nurse picked me up, held me close and said, "If you don't stop crying, you'll never get to see your mommy again." I was barely 5.

So, should I mention it to the director in order that she may train these teachers that sometimes phrases could harm without intention or let it go. I did tell G that she was right in that she is not G's mom, I am. But I also said she is paid to take care of G while I am at work. And this isn't the first time I have had to confront this teacher about something. I am always afraid of retribution against my child but I also don't want G to carry comments said flippantly around with her for 30+ years.

Ever Wondered Why? And Other TidBits.

Other than the pure excitement and challenge of doing so, have you ever wondered why Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic, non-stop?

Well, in 1926, the son of Bulova watch company's founder offered a prize of $1,000 to the first pilot to succeed in the task. They introduced the new line of Lone Eagle watches the very day after Lindbergh landed in Paris in 1927. Those 5,000 watches which were sent to Paris sold out in three days. There were close to 50,000 of the Lone Eagle commemorative watches sold.

That is one fascinating fact regarding the makers of Bulova watch. Another very cool historical fact is that the wonderful device many of us use daily in more modern forms was introduced in 1928, the world's first clock radio.

Who would have thought this company, founded by a 23-year-old Bohemian immigrant named Joseph Bulova in 1875, would have so many firsts in the world regarding time? I would imagine he himself did! Seems great people who accomplish so much live in their vision or at least with the vision always in front guiding them.

So what is YOUR vision?

Okay Here Is the Scoop on BLOCKED

One of the overnight employees crashed a computer by downloading porn. That is why everything is blocked. UGH. Until they take that laptop away I will be using it as well with the desktop at work.


I have been blocked at work on the desktop computer so that I can no longer see blogger, blogspot, wordpress, or typepad (basically my social life). Sucks and of course I can't say anything or they will know I have been reading blogs. So tell me again about the feeds that have the info come to the e-mail? At least that way I can read them. I still have the company laptop which is what I am on right now, but looks like I will be reading them again on the weekends and from home.

I also have had calls from the termed bosses from this job, one properly and one not so properly that after thinking about it, it makes me mad. I was told to cancel their insurance so that the COBRA would start or the continuation would start, but the owners didn't tell them that was what was going to happen. So I get an angry call last night at home from one of them on my personal cell phone. The other called today during work which is appropriate. I just explained I couldn't lose my job and had to do as told. Oh well, ties are cut with them both and after seeing the mess they left behind, I wouldn't want to work for them again anyway!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Every Store With a "Mart" Should Not Be Shunned

This year will be my 20th high school reunion and no I didn't miscalculate although my mind doesn't like to acknowledge the time. I have debated on going esp if they have a dress up night due to the financial constraints or at least one reason. But I think my problems are solved at this Prom Dresses web site.

Go check it out. I'll wait. I look best in bright pink or red. What do you think?

Thinking about dressing up for prom brings back lots of fun memories of my mom and I shopping together, running into the snooty saleslady that was so condescending she lost our business, then finding the best dress! That snooty sales lady dress was really neat, off the shoulders, a peach color with a long skirt (longer in the back than front). But I opted for a tea length red dress (one of two red gowns at the prom) from a different store altogether! Seems like I made a comment about not liking the off the shoulder look on me and the saleslady told my mom (with me right there) that apparently I was just not old enough to appreciate the "look." Yeah, whatever!

My date was a friend from band, yes I was a band geek and so was he. His brother was actually in my senior class. I didn't do all the typical stuff like go to a hotel after or drink (teetotal-er me). I didn't even go in a group, and he borrowed my parents car to take me, heh. I was home right after it was over, and I don't remember dancing much, mostly socializing. We did have the obligatory pics made. And the DJ dedicated "Lady in Red" to me and the other one of us wearing red. Oh and my date wore a white tux, one of a million there. I hate white tuxes!!

Pictures of G

Saturday night in her princess gown.

Sunday morning in her outfit for church playing with the dora kitchen.

One Latte Per Post

Okay in case you are wondering why I blogged about candles, you will be happy to know I am going to share the news. I joined PayPerPost which allows me to get paid for blog reviews offered by companies to spread the news or information about a particular service or item. As a blogger you can pick which opportunities you wish to speak on, and as long as you agree to the terms, you will be paid for the time you took to blog about it. The candle thing was my first post, and this one is my second. This actually should pay $20, and do you know how many lattes that will buy me? 4.

So this is an attempt to get financially right side up a little sooner or not waste real earned money on lattes. This is not an effort to work from home as I don't have near the time to post for pay full time. Also, these posts will be sprinkled into real life posts, and I will try to make it relevant to my real life. Candles are relevant because I do like them but can't have them. This "payer per post" post is relevant as I would like to introduce anyone who would be interested to join.

I have found the service department extremely helpful and quick in responses. I can pass on whatever opportunities I wish if I don't feel it is right for me. I can also set my filter to only receive opportunities that would be of interest to me.

From work I am banned from the site, but I can post one a night or at least 3 to 4 times a week. That is def not bad if it only pays for one latte per post.

I Should Have Stayed In Bed Today

Did you ever have a day where you just wish you didn't get up? Well that is today for me. After all the wonderful birthday celebrations and what not, today I screw everything up with a fender bender totally my fault!! I am still shaking over it.

Sitting at a red light, turns green I remove my foot from the brake and look down in the notorious split second, my car rolls into the car in front that didn't even try to move at the green light. Fandamtastik momentum!! No air bag exploded, though. Both of us were shaken up. She pulled off the road and I followed. I initiated the call to the insurance agent and company to handle. Might as well be a step ahead, right? I have called her to check on her too.

My neck hurts which is not surprising, but hell if anyone will know other than the blogosphere!! I am not claiming it at all.

After the reconfiguration of the computer I am discovering that nothing is working right!! So I have to deal with locking up and not getting my work done. What a day !!

While I Was Home...

For training for my job yesterday, my computer at work was being re-built. Lost all my links in my favorite, all forms etc on my hard drive because I couldn't think clear enough Monday to move it on the shared drive. I had several weeks worth of work that I have to re-create. ARGH!!

Okay now on to the birthday dinner last night at Ameca's Mexican Restaurant. The wait staff came to sing happy birthday in Spanish to G and brought a dessert. What happened next couldn't have been more surprising or caught us more off guard, the one guy offered G a bite of the dessert and as she leaned into it he shoved it up her nose!! We were stunned! I didn't even get the pic of it, just the aftermath.

G was not sure whether to cry or what. Thankfully, we recovered and kept her from crying. So just so you know what to prepare for, be ready to snap that pic right then!!

 G told me later that she never wants that to happen to anybody else ever. I had joked that maybe Grammie and Grandad could do that to Austin when they go for his birthday. Now, that is my mom's arm cleaning her nose as I was taking pics and trying to recover!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Candles: Wishful thinking in a home of cats?

One thing I have always wanted but have never able to use in my home are candles. Decorating magazines use them in such elegant ways. I dream of having the "magazine" home one day and not in a white-trash-family-life mag. When I am totally pet less and young childless, I will be able to use vanilla scented candles all over my home. I love vanilla!!

Picture this, I am having an intimate dinner party of 15 or so of my closest friends with lovely tapered candles, our only light at dinner hiding the fact that I can't actually cook for that many people, heh

Or picture this, me in a bubble bath (in a full body swimsuit of course), totally dark except for strategically placed votive candles casting soft shadows on the wall, as all of my stress washes away. Of course the reality would have screaming child on the other side of the locked door begging to get in with the dog yapping at her heals. But this is still a dream, right?

Of course the scented candles would also have a place and reason in the bathroom but we shan't discuss such vulgar things on this family blog now shall we?

Esque Candles

This Is What A 4 Year Old Looks Like...

Okay, no not really. But it is what a picture taken by a 4 year old looks like.

Here she is. What a great smile and what willingness to have her pic taken! I just love her dimples.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Now That It Is Over...

I can tell you about Saturday afternoon. After I finished the blog spot about not having the CF card I got my stuff together to go get G. I got to my parent’s house about 4:15pm. G was still asleep. Mom was up and said she had tried to wake her but she wouldn't wake up. So I went to get her. I went to mom's room and looked at the king sized bed that was empty. As I walked back to where my mom was I glanced in the other rooms. I said, "So where is she?" Mom said, "On my bed."

So I went back. I got closer to the bed and looked then I patted it. Now any normal person at that point would assume that G had gotten out of the bed (which she had) and not been freaked out about it. I, however, had a severe headache, was sure I was going blind, and beyond exhausted, therefore, I was not in a "normal" state of mind.

So I walked back to my mom visibly upset (ie wide-eyed). This time my mom walked back there with me. I swear if she had said anything about my state of mind at that moment I would have fallen in a heap in the floor. For some reason my mind could not register that she was really somewhere in the house and not just not seen by me.

So we walk to the bed and as we are going back out, mom sees her. G had gotten out of bed and gone in my mom's very dark closet and stood there. She was obviously pouting over the fact that my mom got up before her and left her sleeping. Plus I am sure she was tired too.

Now that the incident is over and I have had two more sleeps and a nap to think about it; it is rather amusing, and I can laugh at myself. Heh

Oh and if I haven't told you yet, the Dr. Seuss Sleep Book will make me want to go to sleep quickly. I am even yawning as I type this thinking of it. But G, for whom the book was bought by her China sister, Hallie? Yea, not so much!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Photos

The jumper in the background, The balloons in the yard anchored by the take home gifts. Gs in her cute outfit.

G and her dora kitchen, the cake with all princesses and the mermaid!!

A princess and prince picnic!! Opening the many fun gifts.

And when we came home from my parents there was a gift on the step from our Texas Maddie. Thank you so much. We love the water color book and sticker book and the color your self puzzle!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It Was A Smashing Success And....

I am a total dumbarse!! I totally took a million pictures but had no CF card in the camera. So they are now lost somewhere irretrievable in the camera. Or they were never recognized at all.

I totally lost G's smile when she saw her Dora kitchen. It was priceless and gone forever except in my short term memory because I also conked my head on the freezer door and gave myself a concussion, sort of.

What dumbarse parent goes to great links to provide a fandamtastik Princess and Mermaid party without a CF card in the camera? Thankfully my mom brought hers but if you know anything about my mom's photography skills we will have headless children. I guess that will be best for eventual posting to the blog!! You know safety and all!

All but one family came. The age range was 2 to 7 with one token boy, Hi Sam!! The pizzas made it here within 5 mins of the time. I was actually on the phone with it ringing as the pizza guy showed up. Never mind that the ringing had been going on for 5 mins or more with not the slightest hint of anyone picking it up!! We had one pizza left over, yea!!

The veggies and dip went much better with the parents than the kids although some kids ate the dip and carrots (mostly dip). Ranch goes with everything. I have less than three pieces of cake left, woohoo (I hate cake, and G only likes the icing). We lost two balloons to klutziness. I almost forgot the Popsicles except for my cousin telling her child to ask about them. All in all it was really good, and G loved it. She said her favorite part was the cake, the jumper, and opening her presents.

Everyone got to take something home so that was good. The youngest child LURVED!! the Dora kitchen and almost didn't want to leave it. She was totally adorable too, giving everyone kisses and hugs talking from the minute the car door opened. G was here before everyone so that she was not quite as shy as she has been in the past. The two other of our shy girls totally warmed up and had a blast!

G received many many great and fun gifts. Our neighbor who happened to see me putting the balloons out offered his drive way for the jumper (driveway is concrete) as well as his drive way for parking. Then he ran out and picked her up some wonderful girly make up stuff, totally unnecessary but totally thoughtful and appreciated. The use of the driveway would have been the best gift.

G's cousin A gave her a Lite Brite!! I was way more excited than she. I got one for Christmas when I was a little girl. I loved it, totally loved it. Some of the gifts were creative stuffs like a paint your own bank, THANK YOU MS. KIM and baby A* and clothes pin dolls, THANK YOU Sara-Grace and Melina!

Two families got lost but made it fine anyway. Two of the little girls said my house was so cute on the inside. I guess the cat piss smell (that I think is in the futon sofa) didn't bother them much. Clementine is totally warn out from being in the back yard and barking at everyone. A couple of times G just wanted to get away so she took a walk with Grammie then a walk with Grandad. I sent her home with them to take a nap so I could finish putting up and blog. Of course that was before I discovered my retardedness with the camera.

My head hurt all day part from sinus and part from sunshine. I joked with a cousin that we would have a wet t-shirt contest and mud wrestling from the rain yesterday but it actually wasn't bad. The Princess table cloths I got were plastic, perfect for an on the ground picnic and other than the wind it was perfect. Blowing out of candles was disastrous because of the wind but we can re-create that through Tuesday the actual birthday.

Can you tell it was a fun and perfect day? Other than the card missing there were no real problems. I really want these girls to grow up together and enjoy their friendship. I have to foster it for G because they won't be in the same schools. It is so important for the parents and the children. Of course I don't mean to the exclusion of other friendships but these are very important for the girls have had a similar experience and will be able to somewhat relate to each other. Anyway, I better get to my mom's for her pics before I get all emotional and stuff!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

funny dog pictures
see more cute dogs and puppies


We are now within 24 hours of the big birthday bash. I am picking up the cake tonight. I go get the balloons tomorrow morning though I am paying for them tonight. I am (hopefully) paying for the pizzas tonight to be delivered tomorrow at 11ish. I say hopefully because I am not sure this place delivers so I may end up going elsewhere for the pizzas. I will get the veggie tray tonight. She wants strawberry cool-aid for drink and "why not did you know I did not yike strawberry coo-aid?" Translation, "why didn't you know I liked strawberry cool-aid?" Some how those negatives get her!

G is so excited. She is spending the night with the grandparents because I still have lots of cleaning stuff to do. They will bring her home around 10am tomorrow. She knows she has one more sleep before her party!!

It is raining today so the yard should be a glorious mess of mud. Oh well. I will have to keep the jumper out longer in order for it to dry. I will get some plastic tablecloths at the dollar store to lay on the ground under the princess table clothes (made of paper) for the picnic. She is def. about wanting the picnic on the grass.

I keep wondering WHAT am I doing having people come to the house of ill trained cats and animal hair!! My cats have pee'd somewhere that I can't find. I can smell it. It is an odor in my house but I can't find the exact location!! I found one spot last night under the couch but I can't find where the other spot is. It is driving me nuts!! Anyone want two temperamental cats? They can be truly loving but one is significantly overweight and the other is a male, 'nuff said.

Okay so I think it is pouring rain right now and I have no rain plan!! I told everyone I would cancel but maybe I will just move it all inside except for the jumper! Amazing!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is for Dinner?

First off, thanks for all of the "she is so cute bloody" comments. They made me laugh. Then I thought of all of the people who don't speak English popping by wondering how she got that bloody nose! I may end up taking that pic down or something. Maybe before DHS rings the doorbell they will actually read the post.

Second, What is for Dinner? I made chicken nuggets, Chinese green beans, and carrots. Okay well technically I only made the green beans I just baked the chicken nuggets and grabbed a handful of ready to eat carrots but still.

I also gave G bar-b-que sauce and ranch dressing to eat with her nuggets, 3 nuggets to be exact. So you know what she ate? All of the dipping sauces with the carrots and all of the green beans. Because, "I no wike dose nuggets." Carrots and bar-b-que sauce, yummmm!

This Morning

Really began last night. G told me she had a booger in her nose but I thought she was just trying to stay awake. So I told her it would be alright, from my tylenol pm induced sleep it was alright.

This morning I get her out of the bed, not noticing anything because of her hair in her face. Then when I pick her up she puts her face in my neck and holds me tight. Even putting her in her chair for breakfast I didn't notice anything because she immediately lays her head down and I cover her up with her blankie.

But when I placed her plate of waffle in front of her I saw it. I made a horrified look to which she rightly replied, "What's wrong, Mama?" I said (trying to recover), "Oh nothing, you just have a bloody nose. Let me get a washcloth to clean you up, but first let me take a picture." Because I am so loving like that, heh. She even said, "Cheese" for me. As I went to get the washcloth she said, "Oh and my eyes, dey have frosting on dem."

Maybe I should have gotten her that Kleenex last night and not assumed it was nothing!!

Here is my little helper all cleaned up and putting my sweet-n-low in the old risotto container. Makes it easier for me to use. Isn't she just the sweetest?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


humorous pictures
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Olympics and the Chinese Government

Chinese-Christians Are Paying a High Price for the Olympics
By John W. Whitehead 4/14/2008

The world is finally seeing China for what it is: a totalitarian dictatorship. It's widely known that China has been rounding up and persecuting First Amendment advocates. These Chinese dissidents who use the Internet and demonstrations to protest what China has been doing often disappear or are sent to re-education camps.

Little, however, is said about China's religious persecution, especially of Christians. Yet it is on par with, if not worse than, the harsh and oppressive treatment of demonstrators in Tibet that has received widespread news coverage and caused public outrage. And it's been happening for years.

Nevertheless, the 2008 Olympic Games were awarded to China in July 2001, with the expectation that the Games would act as a catalyst for the improvement of human rights in China and cause China to change its image. And over the past seven years, China has invested huge amounts of time and resources in preparing for the Olympics in order to make a good impression on the world. Unfortunately, these preparations have included the "religious repression, torture, sexual abuse and arbitrary detention" of many religious individuals, particularly Chinese Christians.

Although China is officially an atheist country, the Chinese constitution declares that citizens shall enjoy freedom of religious belief with one stipulation: that so-called freedom can only be exercised within the walls of state churches. What this merging of church and state means is that the government dictates religion.

True Christians, however, don't want that. Thus, a growing underground house church movement has sprung up, numbering between 50-100 million Christian Protestants. This, of course, has been labeled illegal by the Chinese government. Consequently, Chinese authorities routinely swoop into home churches, dragging worshippers out in the streets in some instances and beating them. Some have even been killed.

These efforts to squelch the growing home church movement have been ramped up in anticipation of the Summer Olympic Games. The China Aid Association has reported that many house church pastors in Beijing have been "visited" and "requested" to leave the city before the games. Others have been arrested, beaten and tortured.

The following incidents paint a grim picture of what Chinese Christians have been subjected to in order that China might discourage the growing home church movement and present a united front for the upcoming Olympics:In April 2007, Liu Huiwen, a Chinese Christian, was arrested for distributing "Christian literature" to Muslims in the Gansu province. Huiwen was reportedly severely beaten before his arrest and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Pastor Cai Zhuohua was imprisoned for three years for "illegally printing" Christian literature. He was tortured with a cattle prod, held in a cold and cramped cell with 27 other prisoners and forced to make soccer balls for 10-12 hours a day for the Olympic Games.

Yianan Zhang, a Chinese Christian church leader, was sentenced to two years of "reeducation through labor" for "subverting the national government" after his prayer journal was discovered by officials. These are not isolated incidents. When it comes to dealing with dissidents, whether political or religious, Chinese officials seem to consider torture part of the routine.

This is graphically illustrated in a series of disturbing photographs, smuggled out of the country and available here. These photos depict Chinese policemen, hoping for a promotion, who allowed themselves to be photographed torturing Christians.These grisly images show, for example, a Chinese policeman standing over Sister Aizhen Miao, a house church believer who has been forced to kneel on a brick. The policeman is gripping the back of her head with one hand and applying an electric cattle prod to her cheek, as Sister Miao expresses great pain.Another photo shows a man lying on the floor shirtless, while a policeman digs his boot heels into the prisoner's arms, forcing him to wince and, thus, open his mouth.

The next photo reveals three policemen forcing water into the man's mouth in an attempt to swell his stomach. Again, the pain is evident.Persecution of religious individuals has been common in China for more than half a century. However, America cannot continue to ignore these atrocities, especially in light of the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games.

We have an American president who claims to be a Christian, yet he's been largely silent on the issue. In fact, he's planning to show up for the opening ceremonies, thereby tacitly endorsing China's totalitarian tactics. The major corporate sponsors have also been silent, but we know where their priorities lie because money remains their bottom line.

The worst of all, though, has been the deafening silence from the evangelical church in America. Content to peddle their trinkets--many of them made in Chinese sweatshops-- and wallow in materialism, American evangelicals have turned their backs on Chinese Christians when they should have been calling for a boycott of the Olympic Games.

Shame on American Christians. They've been silent on the war. They've been silent on the question of torture. They've been silent about human rights abuses in China and elsewhere. In fact, they've remained silent on almost every major moral issue of our times.It's time that Christians in America gain a moral backbone and fight for their fellow Christians. And they need to urge that guy in the White House, the one they helped elect to two terms who claims to be a Christian, to take a stand on the issue at the very least.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Click here to see what HPV can do. The pic is so gross I can't bear to post it here. Oh and HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. The way to prevent it is abstaining. This particular person probably had it and it activated when he cut himself or through the cut he got the warts. I am going to so totally have nightmares!!

The embarrassing thing is this: having to admit to your mom that you have HPV like it is no big thang. Well, by doing so you have just declared your morality or lack of. Trust me, I have had to think of this personally from my own failings as a female.

I have to teach G abstinence and demand it from her, expect it from her to protect her health. I think if I give her high standards she will reach them. Everybody doesn't do "it" even if the drive by media wants to make you think they are.

I am also praying for her future hubby that he too will abstain. It truly can be a matter of life or death or hands or any other part of her body like bark!! I don't want her in a freak show!!

Okay so I have to go throw up now!!

Best Laid Plans-

Foiled by the Grandad!! G and I both woke up feeling not as good as yesterday and with her in tears! So I suggested that I let her stay with Grammie at her work while I run into to the office, grab my work and come home to stay with her. I call my mom to tell her and we figure it all out, or so I thought.

The doorbell rang and it was my dad. He decided to just stay home with her today. So I change from my jeans and go to work for the day. Then I call (mom) several times to check on them and the last time I call she says they are at the doctor! Of course my over active mind has me convinced that G is really sicker than she appeared, so why didn't they call me?

Mom then said she was at the foot doctor, while they were at the urologist. What? Finally figuring it out ('cos I am smart like that) I said, "Why didn't dad just tell me that he had an appt.?" She said, "They were just going to take blood, she will be fine."

Then she said, "I will call you when we get out." So now I am thinking they were all together so I ask if they were together. She said, "No, they (dad and G) are across the hall from my foot doctor." So okay, they aren't "together, together" but just "together" as in the same building. To me, that together is one and the dadgum same!!

I digress, G was so excited to get to go stay with grandad and teach him how to play this "new" card game called "fish" that I taught her. No telling how many times they played it. Probably until his eyes bulged out because I know mine did last night having to play it. And why is it that my almost 4 year old daughter beats me at every game that I teach her? I really don't "let" her win per se just help out now and then.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Recap- Now With Pictures!!

Sunday we showered her with love and gifts because soon she will be bringing him home. Gotcha will be May 5th.

And quess who was there? And being the good friend I am, I bribed her with candy, dark chocolate M&Ms from which she may have never come down! Sorry I need the bebe loves, and she gave me a kiss when she left!!

Boy gifts from this group of girls, what a change.

Margaux and her tricks.
Automatic smile when the camera is pointed her way.

Sophie gets help putting together a tough puzzle.

G dons the Minnie Mouse ears for a bit.

It was fun, then G and I went to dinner at my fav, Pei Wei. Then G fell asleep in the car. Me, well, I missed my nap for the weekend which contributed greatly to my being two hours late to work today!! I do not function without at least one day of a nap!!

G very clean room after I cleaned on Sat.


G and I are not enjoying the turn in the weather right now. Going from high 70s to low 50s and tonight 30s is not good. We took an extra 2 hours this morning. I just couldn't do it. Everything hurts between my shoulder blades and chin. Haven't the foggiest reason why. I don't feel stopped up but I am sounding a bit froggish. G has large bubbles come out of her nose when she sneezes. Then she looks at me and grunts like I am supposed to know what she means. She is almost 4 and knows how to wipe her own nose for goodness sake. I so hope we survive the week!!

You guys are funny in your comments on the planning of the big party. I have to brag, I am the world's best planner, love it. From vacays to get togethers etc, you name it, I love it. I don't love last minute changes though. I love to plan. The follow through is not where I have the most fun but I can carry events off. So thanks, I am looking forward to Sat just not this week's cleaning (continued) fest.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cleaning Not Like a Madwoman

I should be but what happens when I start is I find things like journals and sit down and read them or other memories. G's room and her bathroom are cleaned. The kitchen floor is cleaned. I am working on the rest of the kitchen and got stuck in a journal from 2002, when my grandmother Talley died. That was a very painful weekend for a lot of reasons other or coinciding with her death.

I have decided what to do for her bday party next Saturday. I am getting 9 med 1 topping pizzas delivered from Pizza Hut. I will go pay for them on Friday so the delivery will be Saturday at 11am. I will get balloons because G wants balloons. The wooden toys I got at Target will anchor the balloons and be the take home gifts for her friends. The balloons will just be all over the yard. I have table cloths (princess) for the girls to sit on the ground for the picnic. I will get a veggie tray for the adults as well as pizza and cupcakes instead of a cake for whomever. I won't do ice cream because mostly kids (or at least these kids) don't like it. I will make two gallons of cool-aid and that is it. Adults can drink cool-aid too!! I might get some bottled water too.

The jumper will come out (that is G's fav. part of the plans, that and the balloons). I think that should be a pretty good party, right? All of our China sisters are coming but two and half have said they will be late. After cupcakes I will let G open presents but my gift to her will be open and up.

Since she can't read yet I will tell you, but shhh it is a secret. I got her the Dora Talking Kitchen. She doesn't know and I have no idea if it is a mess to put together yet. I don't even know if it needs batteries or what size. Hopeful my parents will keep her Friday night and bring her home just before time for the party. That works for me so much better than having her here.

Yesterday morning G told me she wants Santa to bring her a dollhouse to her grammie's for Christmas and she will be there, but he can't come here because she "will still be afwaid." Why in April before her birthday does she have Christmas planned I don't know!!

Okay, enough break, time to get serious. Did I ever mention that I am the absolute worst house keeper in the world? It is totally genetic because I am just like my grandmother Talley!! Oh and I am not making an excuse but I literally could clean or work for 12 hours and you wouldn't be able to see what I did but I would have been working steady at it. It totally defies all logic but I have no clue what the helk I am doing. I have all the Emilie Barnes organization books among others like the messie manual. I have read them all too. Can't figure it out!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Check Out the Side Bar

If you want a badge too, see her.

G's Family

Look what G drew for me? A picture of me and her, isn't it sweet? See my elbows (or the fat under my arms) and our toes in our shoes and, oh yes, our belly buttons (where are our shirts)?