Wednesday, April 09, 2008


This is how much unclaimed money I have waiting for me at HUD from a re-fi I did in 2001. There was a reason I didn't write for it. Maybe it seemed to me like a fraud and I didn't want to get involved or the app was too much for me to complete but I let it be now for 7 years.

A friend at the psychologically damaging place where I used to work was searching the unclaimed money and found me quite by accident. Of course when I called the state there was no money so then I remembered the letters I thought were frauds and took a chance. Sure enough HUD has my money!!

They are going to send the app for me to complete yet again so I can get this money. Maybe I will buy a lawn mower with it as dad is tired of loading his riding mower up to mow my yard in 10 mins. The push mower I will purchase (for storage reasons) will take an hour plus to mow. Oh well, I need the exercise!! And maybe there will be some left over to get a DVD player as the one I got last year is no longer reading the DVDs, anyone, anyone, bueller?, tell me why it may not be reading them now?


The Byrd Family said...

Now there is some awesome good news!!! Good for you!

Maybe just save it for you and Ms. Glenys to go on vacation!!!

Super Mommy said...

SWEET!! It's like winning a mini lotto!

AZMom said...

Always nice to find out you are OWED money!

Anonymous said...

Getting money is always good news! I love those days.
I have a stack (yes, I said "stack" of DVD players that do not read DVDs. I'm not sure why I've kept and stacked them. I guess I'm hoping that one day they'll magically read them again. I want the TV/VCR combo from Costco. If it stops working I can take it back. They take their stuff back indefinitely (just save your reciepts and they'll take it back forever).