Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Click here to see what HPV can do. The pic is so gross I can't bear to post it here. Oh and HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. The way to prevent it is abstaining. This particular person probably had it and it activated when he cut himself or through the cut he got the warts. I am going to so totally have nightmares!!

The embarrassing thing is this: having to admit to your mom that you have HPV like it is no big thang. Well, by doing so you have just declared your morality or lack of. Trust me, I have had to think of this personally from my own failings as a female.

I have to teach G abstinence and demand it from her, expect it from her to protect her health. I think if I give her high standards she will reach them. Everybody doesn't do "it" even if the drive by media wants to make you think they are.

I am also praying for her future hubby that he too will abstain. It truly can be a matter of life or death or hands or any other part of her body like bark!! I don't want her in a freak show!!

Okay so I have to go throw up now!!


Anonymous said...

I was REALLY NOT prepared for that. REALLY, REALLY NOT!!! I gagged. I'm ill. I might just get the pukes. And I used to teach a sexual health/awareness class to peers in college using photos showing different STDs on the, um, parts... close-ups. That photo is grosser than anything we ever used.
Show that to Glenys and I guarantee, she'll join a convent before engaging in sex of any kind!!! ;)

Vivian M said...

Um, yuck. Although I will teach Kerri abstinence, I will also make sure she is aware of all possible consequences, and what little protections are out there. Better safe than sorry. I would rather she receive a complete education on the matter than just demand abstinence. Because knowing Kerri, she will probably do whatever she wants to do behind our back. Maybe she will think twice?

AZMom said...

No doubt I will be teaching BOTH of my kids about abstinence! The stuff that is out there these days is scary!

I just ate dinner...I'll skip the photos after reading the comments about them.

Don & Denise Sullivan said...

I think that is great that you are already praying for her future husband. My husband's parents prayed for me and we do that for Nate (when we remember)....have to get better about that. I see more teens today who are not afraid to admit that they are virgins and I think it's great that they have the guts to stand up for abstinence.

Craig & Cindy said...

I agree with Vivian, while abstinence is obviously the ideal, I want my child to know the spectrum of protective measures in the event they choose to take actions en contra my will-be strong parental advice and wishes. God knows I did not always follow my parent's wishes...