Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Laid Plans-

Foiled by the Grandad!! G and I both woke up feeling not as good as yesterday and with her in tears! So I suggested that I let her stay with Grammie at her work while I run into to the office, grab my work and come home to stay with her. I call my mom to tell her and we figure it all out, or so I thought.

The doorbell rang and it was my dad. He decided to just stay home with her today. So I change from my jeans and go to work for the day. Then I call (mom) several times to check on them and the last time I call she says they are at the doctor! Of course my over active mind has me convinced that G is really sicker than she appeared, so why didn't they call me?

Mom then said she was at the foot doctor, while they were at the urologist. What? Finally figuring it out ('cos I am smart like that) I said, "Why didn't dad just tell me that he had an appt.?" She said, "They were just going to take blood, she will be fine."

Then she said, "I will call you when we get out." So now I am thinking they were all together so I ask if they were together. She said, "No, they (dad and G) are across the hall from my foot doctor." So okay, they aren't "together, together" but just "together" as in the same building. To me, that together is one and the dadgum same!!

I digress, G was so excited to get to go stay with grandad and teach him how to play this "new" card game called "fish" that I taught her. No telling how many times they played it. Probably until his eyes bulged out because I know mine did last night having to play it. And why is it that my almost 4 year old daughter beats me at every game that I teach her? I really don't "let" her win per se just help out now and then.


Vivian M said...

That was confusing. But at least we are confused together.

AZMom said...

My kids love Go Fish!