Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have been blocked at work on the desktop computer so that I can no longer see blogger, blogspot, wordpress, or typepad (basically my social life). Sucks and of course I can't say anything or they will know I have been reading blogs. So tell me again about the feeds that have the info come to the e-mail? At least that way I can read them. I still have the company laptop which is what I am on right now, but looks like I will be reading them again on the weekends and from home.

I also have had calls from the termed bosses from this job, one properly and one not so properly that after thinking about it, it makes me mad. I was told to cancel their insurance so that the COBRA would start or the continuation would start, but the owners didn't tell them that was what was going to happen. So I get an angry call last night at home from one of them on my personal cell phone. The other called today during work which is appropriate. I just explained I couldn't lose my job and had to do as told. Oh well, ties are cut with them both and after seeing the mess they left behind, I wouldn't want to work for them again anyway!!

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Vivian M said...

Wow, sorry you have to deal with that, the company should have at least sent them a letter notifying them about COBRA.
And it WAS inappropriate for them to call you at home and/or on your personal cell phone.
Hang in there!