Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Candles: Wishful thinking in a home of cats?

One thing I have always wanted but have never able to use in my home are candles. Decorating magazines use them in such elegant ways. I dream of having the "magazine" home one day and not in a white-trash-family-life mag. When I am totally pet less and young childless, I will be able to use vanilla scented candles all over my home. I love vanilla!!

Picture this, I am having an intimate dinner party of 15 or so of my closest friends with lovely tapered candles, our only light at dinner hiding the fact that I can't actually cook for that many people, heh

Or picture this, me in a bubble bath (in a full body swimsuit of course), totally dark except for strategically placed votive candles casting soft shadows on the wall, as all of my stress washes away. Of course the reality would have screaming child on the other side of the locked door begging to get in with the dog yapping at her heals. But this is still a dream, right?

Of course the scented candles would also have a place and reason in the bathroom but we shan't discuss such vulgar things on this family blog now shall we?

Esque Candles


Vivian M said...

We use candle melters, so there are no open flames. However, there is molten wax, so I guess it still would not be safe around cats. Luckily for me, Kerri and the pooch cannot reach them!

AZMom said...

I love candles and we use them often but always out of reach of small hands. We don't own any cats though!

Love the bubble bath idea. I may have to try that out!

LindaJ said...

Candles really do look nice in mags, but I have tried to recreate some of those posh looks only to find that I never want to burn then cuz they are too expensive.

At one point I even thought I would make my own..HAHAHAHA

Maybe we could start a magazine for that white trash look.....to help us all feel normal.

Lea said...

I always light lots of candles around the house. One day, I kept thinking I smelled something burning. My tabby had evidently caught his tail in the candle. I quickly put the fire out. Good thing he had lots of hair. I don't think he even felt it. Until that happened I had never even thought about my cats catching on fire.