Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Didn't Mean

for that moment to last that long. Seems that moment of silence lasted longer than my actual allegiance, heh. I only watched one ballgame the whole season and that was Saturday's against UCLA.

Oh and the whole Memorex thing was my fault or Roxio's fault. Apparently, I didn't close the sessions out before jerking the CD from the computer, who knew? So the CDs could only be opened on a computer that has Roxio; which the one at home does but didn't work yesterday? So tomorrow I will close all of the sessions! And I have been able to retrieve two disks so far, YEA!!

The bugs are still there but eventually will die I would think. But I won't be using the rice anytime soon to give them time to die. Rice can be washed!!

And a friend and I are sending a proposal to an adoption conference to be presenters. The conference is in November. She is a psych examiner and I have a MS in counseling, plus we are both adoptive parents, she domestic from the foster care and me, IA. So I am excited about the whole thing. Actually I think I have a more rounded view of adoption because I see adoption issues as the same no matter if they are related to domestic adoption or international. The race issues, RAD, paperwork, money, government interference, all of it. If there is a real difference please enlighten me.
Oh and the topic (don't steal it), Ten Things I Knew About Adoption Before I Adopted, or something like that. Good title huh? I have a lot of "knows" or "thoughts" that changed during the process or after bringing G home. You know like the way you were a better parent before you had kids? If you have any thing you would like to share or have shared let me know!! One example for me is how I went to China (way in the beginning) because no birth family could interfere. Except now, that is the one thing I would just about give anything for, a connection with her birth mom. Those type things. Oh and the sleep issues, heh.


Anonymous said...

You mean I'll discover that my fantastic parenting skills aren't all that fantastic once I actually have to raise a kid. Hmmm. Sort of takes away the fun, doesn't it? :)
I had no idea you were such a smartie pants. Do you ever think about working as an SW for an agency? I've considered going back to get a masters in SW... "considered" being the operative word there.
(Really, I'm going to bed now!!!)

Yoli said...

My issue, like yours, was that I felt good that I would have no connection to a meddling birth parent. After reiving my daughter, it hit me hard, how much I wanted to know her family. How much I wanted that connection for her. I have grieved ever since.

Diana said...

Before we adopted Ava, we thought everyone would support our desire to teach her about her Chinese heritage. People have asked us "why we want to make her feel different by pointing out her difference." Also when discussing fears about RAD pre-adoption, friends would tell me to "just love her like she was my own." Not sure if that fits into your topic- I guess I thought my friends and family would be as educated as I was about adoption. in retrospect, if course they weren't because they didn't have to take the classes or read the books that I had to read.