Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Every Store With a "Mart" Should Not Be Shunned

This year will be my 20th high school reunion and no I didn't miscalculate although my mind doesn't like to acknowledge the time. I have debated on going esp if they have a dress up night due to the financial constraints or at least one reason. But I think my problems are solved at this Prom Dresses web site.

Go check it out. I'll wait. I look best in bright pink or red. What do you think?

Thinking about dressing up for prom brings back lots of fun memories of my mom and I shopping together, running into the snooty saleslady that was so condescending she lost our business, then finding the best dress! That snooty sales lady dress was really neat, off the shoulders, a peach color with a long skirt (longer in the back than front). But I opted for a tea length red dress (one of two red gowns at the prom) from a different store altogether! Seems like I made a comment about not liking the off the shoulder look on me and the saleslady told my mom (with me right there) that apparently I was just not old enough to appreciate the "look." Yeah, whatever!

My date was a friend from band, yes I was a band geek and so was he. His brother was actually in my senior class. I didn't do all the typical stuff like go to a hotel after or drink (teetotal-er me). I didn't even go in a group, and he borrowed my parents car to take me, heh. I was home right after it was over, and I don't remember dancing much, mostly socializing. We did have the obligatory pics made. And the DJ dedicated "Lady in Red" to me and the other one of us wearing red. Oh and my date wore a white tux, one of a million there. I hate white tuxes!!

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