Sunday, April 06, 2008


The University of Memphis basketball team has succeeded in a record of 38 wins in a season. Also, they are now going to battle for the NCAA Championship on Monday. We watched the game yesterday and it was an interesting experience. The announcers were extremely pro-UCLA. They accused the Tigers of "manhandling" their opponents again.

It is interesting how words can be used seemingly innocently all the while putting negative images in the heads of the viewers. UCLA was praised, honored, the projected winners before the game, the victims of Memphis, just all around pure ballplayers not used to the "manhandling" of the Tigers. Not used to the fast paced ball the Tigers played. My mom even noticed it, and she doesn't typically see stuff like that.

The drive-by media has been down on the Tiger ball team and has portrayed them as a bunch of rag-tag thugs from the inner city. It is an extremely negative image and everyone is surprised that they have gone so far. They may not win the championship but they have done really well and broke a record with 38 wins in a season. I am not a Tiger fan per se but it is my Alma Mater. I enjoy the end season games best. I don't follow any team from the beginning of the season, any season. But I must say I am pretty proud of the Tigers this year.

I am also glad they won even after suspending one of the players because no ball team is made up of one superstar. Teamwork wins games, and everyone is replaceable. Besides the policy the player broke fed into the rag-tag thug myth a bit!!

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Young Creations said...

As a big USC fan, and a resident of Southern California, I was hoping for UCLA. But now, Go Tigers!