Friday, April 04, 2008

How Is This For Understanding?

G is spending the night with my mom and dad. So what kind of mom would I be if I didn't at least call them. And call them I did. G was too busy to talk to me though. Ruby and Max and all you understand.

So mom said to me, "G said, 'My mama will get yots of rest tonight.' and I asked her why she thought that and she said, 'Coz I not there.' and I told her that you would miss her though." To which I answered, "Um, nope, because I am going to get rest!"

Can you believe she understands all this yet refuses to do the one thing that would help us both???? She is a smart one that one. And oh yes I am getting some rest tonight. I am about to go to bed right now and be asleep by 8:30pm. Of course I have to be up early for breakfast, and yes it is worth it to go to my parents for breakfast. Dad cooks.

Oh I found a birthday invitation from one of G' classmates that apparently was put in her daycare bag this week. It asked for an RSVP. The birthday is tomorrow. I put the invite somewhere and can't find it now. Sorry MK, we don't attend nor do we invite our classmates to bday parties. Now if our Texas Maddie was here we would def make an exception, but our Texas Maddie is a doll and our BFF even though she is now in Texas.

That may sound heartless but we celebrate at school with cupcakes and balloons on her actual birthday. I don't check G's day care bag for anything other than her behavior report. There really shouldn't be anything in there, and if you invite one little person you have to invite them all, and that would be a "no".

Our China sisters and brother (Hi Evan) plus the token boys (Hi, Sam and Christopher) and a distant cousin really ends up being a very large party. I mean with parents in attendance and all it has been as many as 20 + folks. I expect parents, at least one, to attend and stay to visit if nothing else. Helk I mean it is as much for me to socialize as it is the girls and few boys to play.

Oh and I don't even invite my nieces and nephews because I know they are too far away to come and too old too I guess, except for A who G wishes would be here but San Diego is well, you know a million miles away if it is one! Oh and I am not getting this child a gift. I know I know but budget and all, she wasn't on there!


The Byrd Family said...

You know this is sort of a sore subject with me. We also just take cupcakes or something to the school for birthdays. I think two and three year olds are a little young to have ALL of their classmates over for a party. Just my opinion.

I love it that she understands but she is a very independent little girl Bev.....I wonder where she gets that from?? LOL

And duh! Max and Ruby are awesome! Of course she didn't come to the phone. Emma walks around our house saying, "No Max!" Poor, poor Max!

AZMom said...

We never invited any of the kids from preschool to bday parties for either of my kids. In fact, Busy Boy is having his first birthday party with his friends this year! So, don't feel badly at all!

marilyn said...

I hear you on the preschool birthday parties. I've heard the recommendation to invite as many kids as the age of the birthday girl. Sounds good to me. Here in LA the parties get out of control with pony rides, valet parking, etc. Luckily Emilia's birthday falls between Christmas and New Years, so we haven't had to deal with it yet (and I have turned down several invitations from schoolmates and not sent gifts). :)

Christy said...

I totally agree. When you have to extend it to the whole class it gets HUGE and you end up with 50+ people!

Love how she understands so much-- she is such a smart cookie!! So, it is midnight Pacific time so I hope you have been asleep for many hours and that you wake up refreshed!!

zzzzzzzz... Christy :) I need to go to bed!

Anonymous said...

She's so dern smart - and so dern aware that you're so dern tired. That's kinda dern funny (I am so sorry that your exhaustion is bringing me laughter). Don't ever let her grow out of that wit and strong will!! It will get her places.
As far as the b-day parties... I couldn't agree more. I was at my 3 y/o cousins' joint b-day party involving more than 30 kids and their parents. It was a human zoo. Everytime I visit my cousins, there are no less than 4 b-day invites on their fridge. I tell them that my (one day)kid isn't going to b-day parties. And then they laugh at me.

nikki said...

Oh my! Glenys IS a smartie...hope you did indeed get yots of rest without her there!!!

Yoli said...

LOL, you are a tough costumer. Makes sense though...

Tasha said...

She's just too smart for her little body!