Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have a new view...

"The Olympic flame wasn't part of the ancient games, and the torch relay didn't become a fixture in the modern Olympics until the 1936 Berlin Games, when it was part of the Nazi pageantry that promoted Hitler's beliefs of Aryan supremacy in the world of sports.

That first 12-day relay from Ancient Olympia to Berlin traversed Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and other nations that would later be invaded by the Nazis. And the torch was borne into the Reichstaddion by a blond, blue-eyed runner chosen for his Aryan features."

Top Chinese cops protect Olympic flame
http://news. s/ap/20080409/ ap_on_re_ as/torch_ men_in_blue_ 2
By ANITA CHANG, Associated Press Writer 9 April 2008

And now I think the flame should be torched!!


Johnny said...

But also, in ye-olden-days, did many of the competitions in the buff as a way to show they were unarmed during this pause in war and fighting.

Craig & Cindy said...

Wow, I did not know that. Very interesting... I agree torch it.


Anonymous said...

After hearing that news of the torch, I'm all for axing it. I'm NOT so up for competing in the nude. I can't think that would be so great for the track and field guys. I imagine sand getting in the special parts in the long jump. Oooooh, naked pole vaulters. NOT CUTE! (Don't get me started on the gymnasts!)

AZMom said...

The article link says that it cannot be found? What did it say?