Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Should Have Stayed In Bed Today

Did you ever have a day where you just wish you didn't get up? Well that is today for me. After all the wonderful birthday celebrations and what not, today I screw everything up with a fender bender totally my fault!! I am still shaking over it.

Sitting at a red light, turns green I remove my foot from the brake and look down in the notorious split second, my car rolls into the car in front that didn't even try to move at the green light. Fandamtastik momentum!! No air bag exploded, though. Both of us were shaken up. She pulled off the road and I followed. I initiated the call to the insurance agent and company to handle. Might as well be a step ahead, right? I have called her to check on her too.

My neck hurts which is not surprising, but hell if anyone will know other than the blogosphere!! I am not claiming it at all.

After the reconfiguration of the computer I am discovering that nothing is working right!! So I have to deal with locking up and not getting my work done. What a day !!


Vivian M said...

Please take care of yourself and have your neck checked out if it is still bothering you tomorrow.
And look on the bright side: it could have been worse, you have insurance to cover it, and you will be going home to Glenys tonight instead of going to a hospital.
Huge hugs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! With a great big side of UGH! That just plain sucks.

Super Mommy said...

Bummer! I hate what stuff like that happens - don't beat yourself up over it - it was an accident. Glad you all are okay - and hope your neck feels better :)