Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Wish I Knew This Then!

Water damage is the claim filed the most on insurance. I have had two incidents of flooding and wish I knew about water damage restoration services when I had the flooding. Apparently there is way more too it than just letting it all dry up. I had a very expensive purse ruined in a very freak accident in an apartment I lived in one time. I didn't even know the closet had gotten wet from a cleaning service, and yet the dooney was soaking wet and molded. I wonder if they could have saved that purse? Never mind the carpet floor in the apartment never was the same again.

Another incident involved the upstairs neighbor leaving her detachable (apartment sized) dishwasher running unsupervised. All of a sudden there was rain in my apartment in the kitchen area. It was a mess, all down the cabinets in my dishes, on the floor, in the rug, and it ruined something my grandmother made me. The apartment super just wet vacuumed it up, although what was really needed was something more like the water damage restoration services offered by DryOut, Inc. Check it out; especially if you live in the flood plains of AR or the hurricane areas of FL.


Kelly S. said...

Glenys sure has a cool ride! She sure is looking pretty. We hope you get some answers from her day care worker.

Don't forget to give us curious readers an update. Info like this helps us too!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Been there. Done that. A pipe broke in my second bathroom last year and it rained into my living and dining room. I had holes in my walls, my carpet ripped up, dehumidifying fans running 24/7 for four days... it was a nightmare. BUT, like everything else, it was a great story.