Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An Incredible Good Time Was Had By All

SG turned 4, and she is the first in our group to do so. So we celebrated with our China sisters and some of her friends at Incredible Pizza. The food was all like Meh! but the games were fantastic at least in G's view.

She liked this picture and actually decided that we have this picture at home. Um, nope!

G buckled herself into this game but didn't play it until the end. This chair vibrated through the game.

Then we went to play a motorcycle game but couldn't figure out how to make the cycle actually leave the starting line. Oh well.

Then we shot some bucks and some hillbillies, oh yes we did. We missed all the dear but blasted the heck out of the quail.

The hillbillies survived our attempts but gave us some tickets anyway.

The ball toss games were the easiest to win the most tickets and by the end of the night she had 124 tickets to purchase cheap trinkets.

Oh and she did make one basket in the basketball game. By the way, the goal moved from side to side too. There are so many reasons I am glad G doesn't share my genes and athleticism is def. one of them.

And she didn't want to leave then was all moody and crying in the car ride home. She was being defiant about not answering me when I asked if she was asleep but then as I turned the radio down, she screamed at me.

Then she must have dreamed all about it, badly, because she beat the helk out of me last night.

Thank you SG for turning 4. We love celebrating birthdays and G's is next on the list!!

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elizabeth said...

Skeeball has to be one of the best games ever invented. I'll play that game for hours. They should have the game in Vegas!
It's all in the shoulder.