Saturday, April 19, 2008

It Was A Smashing Success And....

I am a total dumbarse!! I totally took a million pictures but had no CF card in the camera. So they are now lost somewhere irretrievable in the camera. Or they were never recognized at all.

I totally lost G's smile when she saw her Dora kitchen. It was priceless and gone forever except in my short term memory because I also conked my head on the freezer door and gave myself a concussion, sort of.

What dumbarse parent goes to great links to provide a fandamtastik Princess and Mermaid party without a CF card in the camera? Thankfully my mom brought hers but if you know anything about my mom's photography skills we will have headless children. I guess that will be best for eventual posting to the blog!! You know safety and all!

All but one family came. The age range was 2 to 7 with one token boy, Hi Sam!! The pizzas made it here within 5 mins of the time. I was actually on the phone with it ringing as the pizza guy showed up. Never mind that the ringing had been going on for 5 mins or more with not the slightest hint of anyone picking it up!! We had one pizza left over, yea!!

The veggies and dip went much better with the parents than the kids although some kids ate the dip and carrots (mostly dip). Ranch goes with everything. I have less than three pieces of cake left, woohoo (I hate cake, and G only likes the icing). We lost two balloons to klutziness. I almost forgot the Popsicles except for my cousin telling her child to ask about them. All in all it was really good, and G loved it. She said her favorite part was the cake, the jumper, and opening her presents.

Everyone got to take something home so that was good. The youngest child LURVED!! the Dora kitchen and almost didn't want to leave it. She was totally adorable too, giving everyone kisses and hugs talking from the minute the car door opened. G was here before everyone so that she was not quite as shy as she has been in the past. The two other of our shy girls totally warmed up and had a blast!

G received many many great and fun gifts. Our neighbor who happened to see me putting the balloons out offered his drive way for the jumper (driveway is concrete) as well as his drive way for parking. Then he ran out and picked her up some wonderful girly make up stuff, totally unnecessary but totally thoughtful and appreciated. The use of the driveway would have been the best gift.

G's cousin A gave her a Lite Brite!! I was way more excited than she. I got one for Christmas when I was a little girl. I loved it, totally loved it. Some of the gifts were creative stuffs like a paint your own bank, THANK YOU MS. KIM and baby A* and clothes pin dolls, THANK YOU Sara-Grace and Melina!

Two families got lost but made it fine anyway. Two of the little girls said my house was so cute on the inside. I guess the cat piss smell (that I think is in the futon sofa) didn't bother them much. Clementine is totally warn out from being in the back yard and barking at everyone. A couple of times G just wanted to get away so she took a walk with Grammie then a walk with Grandad. I sent her home with them to take a nap so I could finish putting up and blog. Of course that was before I discovered my retardedness with the camera.

My head hurt all day part from sinus and part from sunshine. I joked with a cousin that we would have a wet t-shirt contest and mud wrestling from the rain yesterday but it actually wasn't bad. The Princess table cloths I got were plastic, perfect for an on the ground picnic and other than the wind it was perfect. Blowing out of candles was disastrous because of the wind but we can re-create that through Tuesday the actual birthday.

Can you tell it was a fun and perfect day? Other than the card missing there were no real problems. I really want these girls to grow up together and enjoy their friendship. I have to foster it for G because they won't be in the same schools. It is so important for the parents and the children. Of course I don't mean to the exclusion of other friendships but these are very important for the girls have had a similar experience and will be able to somewhat relate to each other. Anyway, I better get to my mom's for her pics before I get all emotional and stuff!!


Sharon said...

I am so glad the Birthday party was such a RAVE!! I feel for you about not getting your shots! Plus now I don't get to see them!! Did you have a ballarina come last year? Who was that?

Do you really have a concussion!?!?!?
take care of yourself!! Missy!!!

Lea said...

Happy Birthday to Glenys! I am glad everything went well. We were at the Autism walk all day. They are dropping like flies at work! I will try to email you soon.

The Byrd Family said...

So much fun! I am so excited for little Miss Glenys! Happy Happy Birthday!

Don't worry about the pictures, I am famous for having my camera but the batteries are dead :)

nikki said...

Sounds like a wonderful party...glad Glenys had such a blast!
Looking forward to seeing some headless pics - hehe!

mommy24treasures said...

I am so glad the party was a success! I know you just want to kick yourswlf about the camera though ! UGH! I really want to see Glenys smile myself!!!!!;)

Vivian M said...

Awwwww you did good! And hope your head feels better soon.
I am sure your Mom took some nice pictures.
Happy birthday Glenys!

AZMom said...

Oh that stinks about losing all those photos! I am surprised your camera didn't blink or squak at ya! I am soo glad her party went well and that she loved her Dora kitchen!!!

Kerri said...

Glad the party was such a hit!
Kerri and Ruby

Susan said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Well done, Mommy.

Happy birthday to Glenys!