Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jesus' House

G told me last night that Jesus living in her heart "doesn't wuk" ie, didn't help her not be afraid (b/c she really just wanted a reason to stay awake).

I said, "Really, Jesus in your heart doesn't work?"

She said, "Is Jesus in our heart?"

I said, "Yep."

She said, "Well, how does He get out?"

I said, "Why? Do you want Him out?"

She said, "Wes."

I said, "Oh well he doesn't."

She said, "Well where is Jesus house?"

I said, "In our hearts and in heaven and all over."

She said, "You have a big heart?"

I said, "Yes"

She said, "I have a widdle heart?"

I could see that this was heading into a discussion about her heart not being big enough for Jesus and I was right so after I reassured her that her heart would grow and get big, ie He will fit, I made her get still to go to sleep!!


nikki said...

We have had many conversations about Jesus living in our hearts too...gotta admit, it is a BIG concept for widdle girls.
Keep speaking the truth to her, momma!

elizabeth said...

I love how wittle brains try to grasp the full concepts of things so literally. Like there is actually a tiny man living in her heart.
She's also got every tactic to avoid the dreaded sleep ;)

Susan said...

Oh, she is a trip!

laurel said...

Cute. She is so thoughtful.

jeneflower said...

So cute! Maybe you should phrase it as Jesus lives in our love? Or Jesus is Love? So she understands that in our hearts isn't literal. I don't know. Just throwing around ideas.

Yoli said...

She is so funny and so, so sharp.

Tasha said...

the girl's got a point. I mean we can't have Jesus slumming it in our hearts. He needs a mansion and a Hummer to boot.