Monday, April 21, 2008

Now That It Is Over...

I can tell you about Saturday afternoon. After I finished the blog spot about not having the CF card I got my stuff together to go get G. I got to my parent’s house about 4:15pm. G was still asleep. Mom was up and said she had tried to wake her but she wouldn't wake up. So I went to get her. I went to mom's room and looked at the king sized bed that was empty. As I walked back to where my mom was I glanced in the other rooms. I said, "So where is she?" Mom said, "On my bed."

So I went back. I got closer to the bed and looked then I patted it. Now any normal person at that point would assume that G had gotten out of the bed (which she had) and not been freaked out about it. I, however, had a severe headache, was sure I was going blind, and beyond exhausted, therefore, I was not in a "normal" state of mind.

So I walked back to my mom visibly upset (ie wide-eyed). This time my mom walked back there with me. I swear if she had said anything about my state of mind at that moment I would have fallen in a heap in the floor. For some reason my mind could not register that she was really somewhere in the house and not just not seen by me.

So we walk to the bed and as we are going back out, mom sees her. G had gotten out of bed and gone in my mom's very dark closet and stood there. She was obviously pouting over the fact that my mom got up before her and left her sleeping. Plus I am sure she was tired too.

Now that the incident is over and I have had two more sleeps and a nap to think about it; it is rather amusing, and I can laugh at myself. Heh

Oh and if I haven't told you yet, the Dr. Seuss Sleep Book will make me want to go to sleep quickly. I am even yawning as I type this thinking of it. But G, for whom the book was bought by her China sister, Hallie? Yea, not so much!!


Heather said...

I will admit that I love it now that it has warmed up enough that Acer can play for hours outside. He loves it, and at night, he's out so quickly it's hard to believe. He never falls asleep during book reading time though, always wants to hear his full quota of stories.
I've gone into Acer's room and had to double check to see if he were really still in bed. he has the ability to pull the blakets up so you can't really see his little body is there. that's what I'd thought Glenys had done, not the hiding in the closet. Would have never thought of it.
Glad the big Day went really well and the weather was good.
Heather BT

Vivian M said...

That would have panicked me. Oh, and Dr. Seuss was not meant for bedtime reading...Kerri makes us read them over and over and she only gets more excited.
Next time I am reading her something boring, like a medical journal.

The Byrd Family said...

Dr. Seuss makes you yawn because they are soooo long and tongue twisty!!! LOL

Love all the birthday party pictures and I love those colors on her.