Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Post In Which I Admit What an Idiot I Am

So I took G to a birthday party of one of our China sisters, Happy Birthday H., and then to the zoo. So the winter melted into summer skipping spring altogether and I didn't wear sunscreen. So I started early on my redneck tan except right now it is in the burn stage quite painful actually!!

Last night I took G to spend her birthday money at the wal*mart. But first we went for pizza. She ate croutons and ranch dip, no pizza. So I have pizza left over which is fine because I like this particular pizza reheated. While we were in the WM I asked G if she was happy and she said that it made her heart glad that we were having a good time shopping. We ended up getting her a scooter, actually the My First Scooter, which I have the patience of a gnat in teaching her how to ride it!!

So tomorrow we have a birthday party to go to, M!! And the main reason I am skipping a nap on Sat and Sunday is because our buddy S lives around the corner from M, otherwise we would stay home and I would take a nap on Sunday!!


Vivian M said...

Have a great time at the birthday party(s)!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I read this post after I read your other post (thank you, bloglines). Sorry for the painful burns.
I only wear sunscreen everyday because I got so tired of the painful, painful sunburns. I KNOW your pain!!!!!