Friday, April 04, 2008

Remember This?

Here is the update:

Hi everyone! We got some very good news today! Ellen's MRI from yesterday showed that she is officially in REMISSION!!!!!!! We are so very grateful. When we started this journey, on day one, Dr. Reibero showed us our "roadmap" which is a calendar of sorts that details each day of the first phase (42 days) of chemo. Dr. Reibero told us that by day 42 on the map, Ellen should be in REMISSION. For some reason, we were very surprised at that time. We had no idea that REMISSION could be induced so quickly. But alas, day 42 is on Monday and that's where we are ---REMISSION!!
Tonight we are so grateful for all you, our friends and family whose thoughts, prayers, love and support have quite literally kept our heads above water during this first phase. We are so grateful to St. Jude. They are our family now and we appreciate each one of them. And tonight our prayer is again one of gratitutde for so many, many blessings and for strength to keep us moving in the right direction.
Much love to everyone, Ann and J. Lee



praise the Lord ... i am sure many are rejoicing w/ you !!!!

nikki said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!!!!
Praise God!

kerri said...

That's the best news, just the best!!!

Yoli said...

That is fantastic news!!!!