Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank Goodness It Is Friday

Between my stuff and G's stuff we need a whole do over week!! She totally had a melt down Wednesday night over a silly matching game. And what about the whining!! How in the helk do you break that? Is that just an age?

Here are some recent conversations:
1. 10pm or so in bed supposed to be asleep
G: (whispering) "Mama... Mama... "
Me: attempting to sleep, no response
G: (a little louder) "Mama! Mama!
Me: "hunh wha?"
G: "How do you spell 'Finnochio'?"

2. Last night before bed
G: "Here mommy, weed dis book in spanich then in powite." (translation, read this book in Spanish then in polite.)

3. After drinking milk without a top on the cup

G: "Hey mama, wook at my mustack." (ie, milk mustache)


Vivian M said...

She talks just like Kerri! I am praying we won't be needing speech therapy...

Kerri said...

Out of the mouth of babes - just warms my heart!
Kerri and Ruby