Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well, Nope Not April Fool's

As I had hoped, the rent check didn't show up. I also didn't get a call from said renter about it being late. So because I am extremely dependent on said rent check, I called. We had a nice conversation after passing two voice mails. He has never been late but apparently thought he always paid by the 5th. I can assure you, I am not that nice. He has never paid by the fifth. He has paid past the 1st but he called to say it would be late. His check may not have cleared until the 5th but that is not the same as me having it.

I was starting to freak a bit. I have auto withdrawal on the 5th and the money needs to be there. Not a nice way to start the month of my daughter's birth. Apparently, the check is in the mail and I should have it by tomorrow. I hope to goodness I do because I have to have the money on the night of the 4th for the withdrawal on the 5th.

ARGHH landlordship sucks!! Oh and I clandestinely asked if they were going to continue to live or attempt to purchase, he didn't mention moving but can't afford to buy. They just had a new baby and he is working two jobs. I just kept telling him how much I enjoyed having them there!! I do they are really good renters. And I guess they technically aren't late but I just asked him to let me know if it was going to be late. I mean I wouldn't have made all those coffee/gas withdrawals.

One saving grace is I received my pitance for jury duty. $45 whopping buckorues. That at least keeps me from being overdrawn until rent comes!


Kerri said...

Ugh! I could so never be a landlord.
Kerri and Ruby

Lea said...

I am the same way with my child support check. It seems to get later and later each month.

Ashley Winters said...

Hope your rent check shows up soon.

BevS97 said...

I live in the UK, so things are a little different here. But we would always have something like the Rent set up an a 'Standing Order' so that it automatically came out of his account and into yours on the same day every month.

Can you set up something like that?

Craig & Cindy said...

Man, you got jury duty? I always wanted jury duty because I thought it would be interesting. Everyone seems to hate it, but I want it and never get it.

One time, years ago I got a jury duty letter and then shortly thereafter received a letter saying I was in the wrong county and thus disqualified.

Bum. Bummer.

Hope your check comes today!


Rony said...

Ha ha. I'm only laughing because not only does our renters check come late every month, it's three checks! Now we are trying to rent as after 18 months they have moved back to their "roots"s. Something about to expensive and got tired of being broke.. now it sits empty. That really sucks!